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My love of bondage spawned a new fantasy in my head and I eagerly shared it with you after an especially intense session of love making where you had tied my hands above me to the bedframe. We lay curled up together and I began telling you about my desire to be ... to be taken against my will, though of course only in a role play situation. You instantly became excited about the idea as I described further some things I would like to happen.

Weeks later... after all thoughts of the fantasy had vanished from my head, you sent me a message asking if I'd like to come over for dinner. We had dinner together often so your invitatioin sparked no curious thoughts in my mind. I pulled up in front of your apartment and hopped out, grabbing my purse on the way. Digging my key to your place out of my small bag, let myself in in. 'Why is so dark in here?' I thought as I called your name. I turned to flip on the light and suddenly you siezed me from behind, wrapping your arm tightly around my kneck and shoving a sharp object into my back.

"Drop your f'ing purse." you commanded. I dropped my purse, my heart racing in a mixture of fear and excitement. With the sharp object still pressing into my spine, you ordered me to tie a blindfold around my head. Shaking, I took the bandanna you shoved in front of me and tied it around my eyes as best I could. Your grip released slightly but the sharpness still maintained considerable pressure. "Now take off your pants you f'ing whore." I fumbled with the buttons, shaking so badly I could barely unfasten them. "Hurry up bitch, I'm going to f you." As I undid the last button, you jerked my pants down, ripping my panties and causing me to stumble slightly. As I tried to regain composure in my blinded state, I felt a sharp sting as your hand smacked my bare ass hard. Despite my excitement, tears sprang to my closed eyes. I could tell from the sound of you that you had moved around so that you could see the front of me, and the sharpness shifted slightly so that it was now piercing my side. You grabbed near the top of the simple button down shirt I was wearing and yanked hard so that this time I stumpled forward. I heard the buttons flying off as my knees hit the carpet. My pants were still around my ankles and I was having trouble maintaining any balance... without letting me up you yanked my pants the rest of the way off me. Despite my moderate discomfort, my pussy was already near dripping in excitement. Grabbing me by the knot of hair in the back of my head, you pulled me to my feet and ordered me to put my hands behind my back. You slid cuffs around me and fastened them tightly so that my hands were now bound behind me. The sharp object returned to my spine, this time pressing in to my naked skin as you ordered me to walk. I could tell through my familiarity with your apartment that you were taking me to the bedroom, and before I could protest you had spun me around and shoved me onto the bed.

"I'm going to f you so spread your f'ing legs you whore." I squeezed my legs tighter, knowing that you could easily out muscle me and that I would love it when you finally did. You pryed my legs apart and and without warning, you shoved your fingers inside me. "Oh, you are wet you little slut. You want me to f you don't you?" "No, no," I protested feebly, trying to sqeeze my thighs back together. You positioned your strong legs in between mine so that I could no longer move or get my eager pussy away from you. Leaning over me, you grabbed my tits, pulling hard on my nipples. You pulled one into your mouth and bit it hard enough to make a gasp escape my throat. Struggling to maintain my role, I began crying and begging you to stop. My body was giving you different signals however, as you repositioned yourself so that only one knee was between my shaking legs. You shoved your cock inside me and slid your hand up so that it lightly grasped my neck. As you shoved your cock in and out of my saturated pussy, I felt your sweat drip onto my chest. "You like my cock inside you don't you? You like getting f'ed like a dirty whore." You suddenly stopped and grabbing my arms rolled me so that I was face down on my stomach. Without use of my arms, I couldn't support myself and I just lay there wondering what the next move was. I screamed out in shock as I felt your hand on my ass again. Grabbing my hips, you angled me so that my pussy and ass hole pointed at you... you shoved what felt like some sort of rubber toy into my pussy in an effort to get the toy lubricated. I tried to slide forward, continuing to murmur protest, but your grip on me was far too tight. After working my pussy with the toy, I felt your fingers pulling my ass apart. I was shocked to feel the toy slide out of my pussy and slowly you manuvered it into my ass. I struggled to get air in my lungs as I felt intoxicated by all the sensation. As you continued to work the toy, you angled my hips higher so that you could slide your cock deep inside my pussy. All pretense of the seemed to fall aside as you f'ed me hard while the toy was firmly planted in my ass. Despite my desire to continue with the role play, I could no longer withold my convulsions as my body was consumed in orgasm after orgasm. I felt you stiffen and I knew you were going to cum at any second. You slid the toy out of me and rolled me over, straddling my chest, you pulled the blindfold from my eyes and slid your cock into my mouth just as you exploded into me. I hungrily licked the cum off of my lips and swallowed all you offered me before you climbed off and laid exhausted next to me. Just as I sensed you were dozing off I called to you. "Sweetheart, will you please take these cuffs off me, I think I'm getting blisters." You roused just enough to turn the key and unlock me, and I finally got to feel your soft skin with my hands. I curled up next to you and lay my head next to your ear. "Thank you angel," I whispered as I slowly drifted off in your arms.

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he should have stuck is cock in your ass

SophieBGood 43F

3/2/2006 8:41 pm

Was that even worth the effort of posting? Write your own story and stick it in her ass if that's what you like!! This is my story damn it!


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3/28/2006 6:39 am

WOW Soph wish i was that man doing those things to you !!! Awesome story and VERY descriptive !!!

Keep them CUMMING baby girl

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