Paying for their deeds  

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Paying for their deeds

It was late on Friday afternoon, the high rise office building now
deserted. Being the start of the weekend everyone had left to forget
about work for a few days. All except Vicky, or so she thought.

In the world of business, Vicky was on her way up, fast. At 27, she was
a career minded woman, already part executive management in a major
marketing firm. Driven by the ideas of power and control, she new what
she wanted and how to get it. It helped that she was a 5'7, fit,
athletic, blonde vixen.

As she sat, going through the files on her desk, a loud crash rang out
from down the hall. Startled, believing she was the only one in the
building, Vicky decided to check it out. Quietly moving through the
hallways, hushed voices could be heard. As the voices grew nearer it
became apparent that there were two. One seemed recognizable, Michael,
a quiet 25 year old from maintenance old who kept to himself. The other
was an unfamiliar woman's voice. Rounding one last corner Vicky came
across them, and the cause of the crash. They were now at the fire
escape, loaded up with computer equipment, except for the monitor that
had fallen to the floor.

"What's the point in taking this stuff if you break it" the unknown lady
snapped at Michael. Quickly ducking behind the corner so as not to be
seen, Vicky mulled over exactly what she was witnessing. It appeared
that Michael and, from the way they were talking, his girlfriend, were
stealing company property. Deciding that the best course of action was
to confirm this, Vicky followed them out of the building, using her
phone to film their heist while remaining unseen, and watched them load
the equipment into Michael's car and then drive away.

Walking back to her office, Vicky pondered over what she had seen, and
more importantly, what to do. It was not only a sackable offence, but
also breaking the law. Really she should report them straight away.
Back in her office however, her mind started to wander. It had been a
little while since she had been able to fulfill her private desires.
Not only did she crave control on work time, her private life was also
filled with a lust for servitude and control. These needs were hard to
fill by the usual dating scene and her busy work life kept her away
from the wilder parties she used to frequent. She began fantasizing
about Michael and his mystery woman. Michael was an attractive, clean
cut fit young man. Being the same height as Vicky meant a good pair of
heels would have her looking down at him, just the way she liked it.
His lady also had and immediate appeal. Petite figure, closely cropped
dark red hair and what seemed to be a fiery nature, waiting to be

The thought of having her way with these two started was already turning
Vicky on, her nipples now at attention and her shaven love hole
becoming increasingly wet. It was becoming apparent that maybe the best
course of action was to pay the pair a visit later in the evening,
maybe even bring a friend.

Later that night there was a knock on the door of Michael and Sandra's
house. "I'll get it" called Michael from the hallway, as Sandra relaxed
in the lounge room. "Victoria....... umm, how, ah, how can I help you?"
Michael stammered after opening the door. Having barely spoken to this
lady during his time at work, his mind raced as to why on earth she
would be making house calls, especially on a Friday night. "Hello
Michael, I think we need to have a chat, can we come in" Vicky said as
she nodded towards the man who was standing off her shoulder. "This is
Roger, an associate of mine, and there is something we need to discuss
we you". "Ah, um, okay, I guess" stammered Michael as he stepped back
through the doorway, making way for the guests. He quickly glanced them
up and down, looking up at Roger who seemed about 6 foot, clean cut and
muscular. Victoria was wearing a trench coat which he found a little
strange, far different from those figure hugging outfits that she wore
in the office, though the black stilettos were familiar. Walking into
the living room Michael introduced the visitors.

"Honey, this is Victoria from work and her associate Roger, they would
to talk to me, can you give us a moment in private". "No that's
alright" Vicky interrupted, "What's your friend's name?" "This is my
girlfriend Sandra." "Hello Sandra, I think its best that you stay and
see this to." "See this?" Michael queried nervously, "what are we
supposed to be looking at" "Go sit next to Sandra on the couch" Vicky said in a pleasant but firm voice.

As Michael cautiously sat beside his woman, Vicky sauntered up behind
the couch whilst removing something from her coat pocket, leaving Roger
standing in the middle of the room. Leaning over the back of the couch
between Michael and Sandra, Vicky produced her mobile phone and pressed

A loud gasp sounded out from both of them as they realized what they
were watching. "Were did you get that?" hissed Sandra, "You didn't
check for people as well as you thought when you lifted this gear
today, did you?" replied Vicky, as she walked back to the far side of
the room. "You can't show this to anyone, please" pleaded Michael,
"we'd lose our jobs and we're paying off a mortgage". "Jail's a
possibility as well, I think they call it grand larceny" smirked Vicky.
"You wouldn't, you couldn't" pleaded Sandra, losing the aggressive
tone. "We'll I've been thinking about that and I think we may be able
to make a deal." "What sort of deal?" asked Michael. "If you agree to
have a little party here with me tonight, I'll keep the footage to
myself" Vicky said with a hint of delight in her voice. "A party?"
Michael and Sandra responded together. "Well not just any party, a sex
party" Vicky seductively informed them. "You see I have strong desires
that can be hard to meet, but I think you two should manage just fine."
"A sex party!" Michael said in surprise. "You can't make us do that! Go
down to the local corner and find your own prostitutes" Sandra snapped
back. "Your right, I can't make you, but if you value the house over
your heads and your weekly income, I think you'll agree to my terms."
"That's blackmail! That's illegal" Michael piped up. "I think you'll
find it's larceny that's illegal darling"

Seeing they were caught in an un-winnable situation Michael and Sandra
looked at each other and nodded. "We agree" they both said together.

"Fantastic" Vicky replied. "Here are the rules. You will do what I say,
when I say. No ifs no buts and no complaining. I think you might even
enjoy it" she smiled. "Roger here has offered to help in the fun
tonight. You can put the bag down now Roger." Roger slid the carry bag
he had been holding over to the side of the room, the two slaves
glancing at it, curious as to what it may contain.

"Firstly I think it's time to get more comfortable." As she said this
Vicky undid the belt to her coat and let it drop to the floor, kicking
it across to the side, revealing black, thigh high stockings coming out
of her stilettos, supported by garter straps from a black latex
crotch-less piece, showing off hear cleanly shaven snatch.

Michael and Sandra sized up what they saw in front of them, from the
well sculpted legs to the, to the firm shapely ass, and breasts you'd
see on a Penthouse centerfold with soft pink nipples leaping off her
chest. Vicky pulled her hair straight back in a pony tail, giving off
the strong dominatrix effect she was after.

"Now you two stand up" ordered Vicky. The both stood, revealing the
growing bulge in Michael's pants. "Remove your clothes" said Vicky.
"But, ah, um" stammered Sandra. Vicky walked over to the two of them,
not more than a foot away, and with a quiet yet commanding voice,
reminded them "No ifs and not buts, otherwise the law sorts you to
out". She then took a step back and, realizing they had no choice the
two slaves removed their clothes. "Very nice" mused Vicky, admiring
Sandra's form. Firm breasts, athletic figure and a shaven mound,
inviting you towards her sex.

"And someone seems excited" Vicky exclaimed as she took in Michael
growing member, it being a very descent length and girth. Michael
ashamedly glanced at his girl, "I can't helped it" he whispered. "Now
Sandra, walk over to Roger and give him a hand." "You mean take his
clothes off?" "Yes dear."

Sandra walked over and started to meekly fumble with his shirt buttons.
As she progressed, taking of his slacks, she found her self becoming
somewhat excited, removing his final items of clothing down on her
knees with far more gusto, and revealing his semi-erect tool, already
six inches long and still growing. "My, what a fine looking cock you
have there Roger, would you like Sandra to suck it?" Vicky asked with
sexuality dripping off her voice. "You know I would" replied Roger,
speaking his first since arriving. "Well go ahead Sandy, what are you
waiting for" quipped Vicky. Sandra glanced nervously across to Michael,
searching for approval. "Don't worry about Michael, you just do what I
tell you to do. Now open up."

As if to rise to the challenge, Sandra took the now fully erect 8 inch
shaft and licked the underside from balls to tip, then encased the
large head with her lips, slowly sliding down the shaft until all but
the final inch was engulfed. She continued in this fashion, slowly and
methodically working her way up and down Rogers cock, supporting the
base with one hand whilst massaging his balls with the other.

Michael couldn't believe what he was seeing, his own girlfriend of many
years going down on another man with such abandon. What was more
surprising was that he was now extremely turned on, subconsciously
massaging his own straining member. Glancing across at Michael Vicky
noticed this.

"Enjoying this show I see, why don't you go and take a closer look. Go
kneel next to your cocksucker." Michael moved over to where Sandra was
going to work. "That's it Mike, get your face in real close, I want you
to smell the sex." Michael complied, getting his face so close he cloud
have stuck out his tongue and licked the Roger himself.

By this time Sandra had sped up the proceedings some what, now
feverishly pumping away at the shaft with one hand while her tongue
used the head as a lollipop. Fortunately for Vicky's show, and Rogers's
pleasure, his large tool was farm from climax and there would be farm
more fun in this yet.

"Why don't you give Sandy a hand there Mike?" Vicky said suggestively as
she licked her lips. This stunned Michael out of his gaze. "No way, I'm
not gay, that was never part of the deal" Michael pleaded. "Wasn't it,
do I have to remind of the consequences if you don't obey". Vicky
replied. At this point Sandra shot him a glance and in between licks
whispered "You better just do it Mike". Shockingly to Michael it seemed
Sandra was excited at the thought of Michael taking on Roger's cock.

Seeing his no win position Michael thought he better put his pride
behind him, and with humiliation reached out and grabbed Roger's cock
by it's base and gave the head a lick, then gave it back to Sandra. "I
think you can do much better than that" Vicky quipped. "You have a rest
Sandy and let Michael have ago".

Sandy released Roger but stayed close to get a good view of the action.
Michael once again took Roger's cock in his hand and started licking
the large head. As he slowly started to work the cock with a lather of
spit he realized that his on tool was still rock hard. Here he sucking
off another guy, something he thought would have repulsed him, yet he
was hornier than he had been in months. Lifting the shaft, he started
working the underside with his tongue, moving down until he reached
Roger's tight scrotum, taking his balls into his mouth and gently
sucking on them.

Continuing his assault on Roger's cock, he slurped and sucked, running
his tongue all over the engorged tool. Sandra, kneeling beside was
amazed at what she was witnessing and had never been more turned on in
her life. She was frantically finger her clit, with several fingers
buried deep inside her. With her other hand she had started to jack off
Michael vigorously, producing moans from Michael as he continued his
work on Roger's cock.

Seeing how much fun everyone was having Vicky thought it was time for a
little extra. "Sandra, fetch me the bag over there. Michael, you're
going to hurt yourself down on that hard floor. Go and get on all fours
at the end of the couch." Michael moved himself into that position,
facing the end of the couch and without being asked Roger moved in
front of him and re-inserted his cock in Michael's mouth.

"You keep up your good work Michael, you look fantastic."

Meanwhile Sandra had reluctantly moved herself away from the show and
had fetched the bag, handing it to Vicky. Opening up the bag Vicky
removed a camera and without warning walked over and took a photo of
Michaels expert cock work.

"Hey what the hell are you playing at" yelled Michael, releasing Roger
mid-stroke. "Just a little reminder of our fun, incase I need to call
on your services in the future". "That wasn't part of the deal" said
Michael, worrying that this photo might become public viewing. "It is
now. Remember, I'm the boss. Anyway, you have nothing to worry about,
as long as you play along when I ask these pictures will remain private
and confidential.

By saying ‘these pictures' Michael realized that wouldn't be the last
photo op and he really wasn't in a bargaining position, so he decided
arguing was pointless and returned to Rogers cock.

Vicky then leant in to Sandra's ear and asked "Has Michael ever fucked
you in the ass?" Sandra's eyes lit up as she nodded, excited as to
where this may be going. "Would you like to return the favor?" she
whispered again. Sandra's eyes got even bigger as she nodded.

Vicky opened up the bag again and pulled out an eight inch strap on
dildo, skin colored and life like with veins bulging from it.

By this time Roger had Michael by the back of the head and was face
fucking him like he would a hot wet pussy, thus preventing Michael from
catching a glimpse of Vicky's plan. Every few seconds he removed his
cock momentarily so Michael could catch his breath, then continued,
grunting with each thrust as he gave Michael's mouth a thorough

Helping Sandra do up the straps, Vicky then grabbed a tube of lube and
walked over to Michael. Firstly, kneeling down behind him, Vicky began
to stroke his cock through his legs, while running her tongue over his
backside before inserting it in his ass. Poking her tongue, the force
of Roger's thrusts made it dive deep into Michaels ass, giving it a
good reaming. This was somewhat knew to Michael, but the warmth of
Vicky's tongue in his crack and her hand on his rod was sending him to
dizzying heights. Then, putting some lube on her hand, she inserted a
finger into Michael's anus. Feeling this intrusion his initial response
was to jerk away from Vicky's fingering. But with Roger having him
firmly secured while filling his mouth full of cock, he had no where to
go, Vicky continued to push her finger in and out, working the lube.
She then inserted a second finger and Michael let out a yelp, but still
unable to resist.

Watching from the side, Sandra was entranced. There was her boyfriend of
many years, down on all fours with a stranger's cock ruthlessly fucking
his mouth and one of his bosses with two fingers fucking his ass and
jacking him off. She was in heaven, how could she have kept this sexual
thrill dormant for so long. Vicky motioned to Sandra to get in behind
Michael and, with one foot on the ground and one knee on the couch she
positioned herself behind him.

Michael felt the removal of Vicky's two fingers and sighed in relief,
but then to his suprise something much larger nusseled at his rear
entrance. Slowly Sandra work the large dildo into Mike's ass, all the
while Roger thrust deeper into his throat. Finally the fake tool was
buried to the hilt. Slow and rhythmically, Sandra worked the cock in
and out of her lovers ass. Catching Roger's glazed eyes their gaze
locked and the started to work up a rhythm together. In and out of
Mike's ass and mouth as their pace quickened.

Vicky decided she couldn't miss this photo op and took numerous photos',
getting panoramic portraits of Mike being stuffed in each end, and
close up of Mike's face with Roger's pulsing member perched at his
lips, then thrust deep inside his throat.

Putting down the camera Vicky walked back to the bag and grabbed another
dildo, ferociously stuffing it in her own cunt, which was dripping with
sex by now.

Roger signaled to Vicky that he was about to explode, so Vicky once
again whispered instructions in Sandra's ear. Sandra removed the strap
on from Mike's ass and Vicky replaced it with the dildo she had been
putting to use, not missing a beat.

Sandra then walked around to where Roger was pounding away, kneeling
down beside Mike's face.

"I've got one last treat for you darling" she said in a devilish voice.
With that Roger removed his cock from Michael's ravaged mouth and
Sandra grasped it. "Keep your face their sweetie, I want to see Roger
cum in your mouth, and all over your face.

With the dildo still working in and out of Mike's ass at a rapid rate,
he could not resist and just nodded.

Sandra proceeded to jack Roger's cock as hard as she could, pointing it
straight at Michael's open mouth. With one final loud gasped and a
pulse of his balls that could have moved mountains, Roger shot wave
after wave of hot cum all over Michael's face and mouth, using Michael
like a rag to wipe his cock head clean, while Sandra milked the rod for
all it had. At this stage Vicky left the dildo in Mike's ass and took
the opportunity to take one last sot of Mike's cum covered face.

Sandra, leant in and then kissed Mike on the lips, tasting Rogers spunk,
and whispered "We definitely have to have your work mates over more

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