Update Army Boy  

Some_Random_Dude 29M
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7/3/2006 7:48 pm
Update Army Boy

Hey all
Sorry havn't had anytime on, since the last 6 months i think.
I just joined the Army and just been through all the basic training.
Which was pretty intense, it was very good.

Well now i am A New Zealand Soldier. Wow... Cool Eh...
Now i can dress up in my uniform for all the pretty girls...

What's happened in the last 6 months, well first 3 months i was in basic training and the girls who were there weren't my 'type' so it was pretty frustrated.
I went in thinking i could last the whole 13 weekends without masturbating.
First 4 weeks were easy, you were working all day and by the end of the day you were pretty exhausted, but it started to get harder and of course i suddenly gave in and had to do it.
It released so much tension, it was so good, i only did it probably once a week which i thought was pretty good.

After that the first night we marched out i went into town and found myself a mate for the night.
That night was wonderful. Like to go into detail but i don't have much time.

I brought myself a car.
It's a Mitsubishi Lancer GSR, 1996, 1800cc Turbo.
Pretty nice.

Talk toy ou all laterz.

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