For what?  

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3/12/2006 4:08 pm

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3/16/2006 8:39 pm

For what?

Well, I spent most of the day doing something very un-sexy and very...domestic. I brushed cat hair out of my carpet. I have two long hairs, and it's shedding season.

Afterwards, I felt so....icky that I jumped right into the shower. I have a little shower routine now, and so here I sit, shampoo'd, shaved and sugar-scrubbed, all shiny and clean and...well, no one here to enjoy it with me.

I wonder if that's by choice. In the last two weeks, I've had dozens of emails from guys who were looking to get laid. But that seems to be all they were looking for - and I'm not into all that. Why fuck a stranger (well, unless it's a fantasy for you, and it's really not for me). I'd rather fuck someone I at least know how to make smile. (and saying "Come and get it, big boy" doesn't count).

I wonder if I'm too picky.
Then again, I don't care if I am.

Where's that Hitachi at....

vrec_dawn 41M

3/13/2006 7:19 pm

Yeah, I know what you mean. I have days where I get pretty bummed because I've got no one to enjoy stuff with.

And sometimes I look at people's profiles and think it might almost be worth it to just sleep with a slut. **LOL**

But, nah.

If you're too picky, them I am too. **LOL** Of course, I AM picky, but not TOO picky. He he he. But anywho, I want my first time post-ex to mean something. I don't want to just fuck a stranger either. So if you're abnormal, I am too.

Im_in_need_of_u 45M
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3/14/2006 10:32 am

There are real people on AdultFriendFinder. They enjoy dinner, dancing, walks and just getting to know people. Hopefully you can take a moment or two to read my profile. I would really enjoy treating you to dinner, movie, ect. just to see happiness in your face. You look so tense and upset in your third profile picture. It's not always about sex and relationships. Sometimes it is just about fun, friendships and happiness. Hope to hear from you!

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