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3/22/2006 3:59 pm

So, curiously, the name of the site is AdultFriendFinder.

And yet, people get reamed for just wanting to meet "Friends".

Yes, of course I know the intention. I'm only blonde on the outside /wink. But really. It isn't "quick fuck finder" or "orgy finder" or "threesome finder" - although that's what 90 pct of the site is used for, and pretty much 10 minutes exploring it will tell you that.

I saw someone take a verbal...well, it wasn't a beating, but it certainly wasn't nice...because they stated they weren't here for sex.

If they're upfront about that, what's the problem? Other than the obvious "can't read, your profile is meaningless to me, wanna fuck?" people.

Unless you've been taken "for a ride" by someone here who claimed (and being here is not claiming, by the way - I'm talking about actually saying it) that they wanted sex, but they only wanted friendship -- I think it's okay to leave the folks alone that are just looking for that.

I'm not typically a champion of the under-dog, but for some reason, this hit a nerve in me.

Make friends, not war~ Make love, not babies~ And be happy~

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