I like to write too  

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6/7/2006 9:28 pm

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I like to write too

I am standing a few feet behind you, watching you stand there, soaking wet. The rain is heavy, but the air is warm, and you look comfortable. I love how the water is running down your arm, and off your fingertips. I step up behind you, place my own fingertips on your hips, very lightly and softly kiss yous shoulder, letting my lips slide along your skin. The taste of your sweat, and the rain is almost intoxicating, making me want you even more. I can feel your head lift slightly, and hear you exhale deeply. I know you love to be kissed like that, and in the rain it must be that much enhanced, just as it is for me.

You turn and face me, your emerald eyes shining brighter than I have ever seen before. This location is an amazing spot for sex under a waterfall, and with the rain, there wont be anyone to walk in on us. So I kiss your lips, tasting the rain and saliva mix, while I unbutton your shirt. Once its open, you wiggle it off your shoulders, and come into me, feeling our wet skin come together, heat radiating from us. We turn and walk to the waters edge, the water warm and inviting...

to be continued

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