A question to females everywhere  

rm_SoccCris 30M
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6/15/2006 8:56 pm

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9/5/2007 7:15 pm

A question to females everywhere

Let's be honest, there are two almost certain things in the worls right now. One, is that a very small if not none altogether will read this. Cest la vie, I gave it a try. And the other is that when it comes to any sort of relationship between men and women, whether it be physical... that quest for sexual gratification, and pleasures of the flesh... or a commited relationship, the woman is the one who holds almost all the cards.
Men approach women, almost all the time, and men throw out their best attempts at winning her approval. It's the same in nature, males questing for the female. Usually, unless we are talking about a pity case (dont kid yourselves guys, they happen more often than you think) dominant male wins, or the biggest and baddest wins.
Theres my bit of philosophy for the day, my question is this. What the fuck? Lets be honest here, not every guy is smooth, not every guy has a perfect body, or a wit. So why do women get this god given gift of having the right to choose? Since when do women know what they want? And yet men allow women to more or less, judge what kind of man they are in something as fast as a first glimpse. A completely superficial exterior. One shot, and hes dead. Another tick away from his self esteem, who knows maybe the last he can take before he cracks. And the odds are more than 75% that he's a better guy than the smooth talking, witty, charming, well-dressed, guy who manages to fake his way into every woman he meet's pants, so she can fake yet another orgasm.
Well guys, I believe that we need to stop letting the women do all the deciding. Yes men are dumb, generally pig-headed and assanine, but women have been making big mistakes for A VERY LONG TIME

rm_iwannatellu 46F
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6/16/2006 1:58 pm


Yeah, we do make BIG MISTAKES, and have been doing it for a LONG TIME, but life is unfair. Besides, I do know of a few women who have tried to make the first move, and have come just as short as men trying to pick up the women... It does work both ways.

Women may hold some cards, but I don't believe we hold all of them. Or maybe, it is the dominant women who hold them all? And instead of the biggest and baddest winning (as in the case of men), it is the women who are the most beautiful, and the most confident who win.

But as you say - c'est la vie, n'est pas?

rm_SoccCris replies on 6/18/2006 9:06 pm:
When I said that women hold the cards, I meant more that they hold the power to say no or yes, a choice that almost all of the time, isnt given to the guy. He makes his bid, and hopes that hes good enough. Thats a depressing way to look at it I think. Good enough. Everyone is good enough, no biker jacket, or small waist is going to make any man better than any other in bed, or in company. Thanks for the comment at least. I was starting to think noone would read mine

lea2008 38F

7/9/2008 2:17 pm


I believe some women hold the cards while others have to settle. I hear time and time again of how men/women behavior's almost always have a double standard. For instance, if a man sleeps with 50 women he's a stud, but if a woman does the same, she's considered a slut. Then, there are instances when its just a game to a man to see if he can pick up attractive and unattractive women as well. Here's another thought, isn't it true that men are the typical aggressors? Women have to be the ones chased while the men do the chasing. I think it should be a give and take relationship. Women and men always talk about how we're so much different from eachother, but really we are closer to eachother then we think. Hey, just some thoughts put before you...

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