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1st posting..............

The "Main" picture in my profile has a history behind it and here it is:

The picture is of me fucking a lady friend of mine that I had been "chasing" for some 3 years and she was always dating someone. A few months ago, I get aphone call on my cell and its her, asking me if I am going out, I tell that I was getting ready to go to Buffalo Wild Wings, she asks if she can join me.

I agree and a few minutes after I have arrived, she shows up with 2 other female friends of hers.
We talk, have some wings and a few beers for about 2 hours. One of the guys says we should take the girls to the local strip joint and since we are 3 couples, we will all get in "free".

The girls agree, saying they want to act "wild" tonite, we go off to the strip club and I take my friend with me in my truck. When we get there, she says that she has something to tell me. She says that she is feeling "lonely" and that she wants me to make sure she gets home tonite because she wants to drink. I tell that I will keep her "safe".

We party for about 2 or 3 hours and then people start to leave, the other 2 girls leave with my friends and say they are going to go eat, I tell them that I am going to take their friend home with me. In the truck she tells me that she wants me to make love to her. That night we have sex most of the night. The rest of the week, we spend nearly every night together. The picture is from, our 4th night together, it was her idea to take pictures of us having sex.

Da Truth Shall Set You Free......................

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