Day 2  

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4/4/2006 4:39 pm
Day 2

So day2 is upon us.And has now disappered without a trace.Was it memorable? Was it hell as like.

OK so I woke up kinda late. For those that're reading this of following it(1 view in the 1st day. Thanks Becky from the US.x,I'll paint the picture I promised yesterday.

OK so I'm 30 years old.I'm single and have no children.I work in a stressful job and live with my parents as I lost my house when I spilt with a previous partner 6 years ago who disapperred with debts of £27000 of which I had to pay.Kinda leaves me no money to rent or morgage etc.Currently I've been on sabattical for the last month.I split with my most recent partner Sarah Jane and had to step down from the job I was doing.This kinda left me in a bad place from my usual loud,bubbly self of which I'm slowly crawling back from.I'm sure we've all been there before.I'm as bad outta relationships as I am in them. This has kinda put me in the place of "Oh my god I'm gonna get left on the shelf","will I ever meet the right person","Jesus is that a Grey hair".Ok now for the players (females) which may appear in this. The names haven't been changed as there is nothing to protect the innocent from.

Natalie - Ex partner for 3years on and off.Split with in March 05.Got back with in Sept 05 and split again in November 05.
Tara - Ex Partner.Got together with her May 05. Split with Sept 05 as thought I still had feelings for Natalie.Trying to get back with but with no luck as pissed off with getting with Sarah Jane as we all worked together in the same office.
Sarah Jane - Ex partner Nov 05 - Feb 06. Dumped me outta the blue when I thought things were all fine. In hindsight, although she was amazing looking,led a boring lifestyle due to young daughter.
Katie H - Nice girl. Got off with the previous two weekends. Is hard work as seems very shy and 2Dimensional.
Becca - Crazed young chick from my local pub. Determined to have sex with me but scares me slightly although 10 years younger than me.

OK anyway back to today. Nice surprise when Katie text asking if I would like to go for a drink with her. As I'd made plans to play in a Poker tournament I had to ask if fancied tomorrow instead. Unfortunately she said no but hopefully I'll see her again at the weekend.I woke up feeling happy and excited about the day ahead. Perhaps she was the reason why. Needless to say the Poker tournament got cancelled. Typical. Not as typical as buying a new Squash racquet and it breaking after 20 minutes of play. Why am I mocked from above? Decided to scan AdultFriendFinder and have sent e-mails and uploaded what I thought was a good picture. Obviously not. Replies - 0. Got harrased by Becca at night down local. Nice SMS at night calling me a tease for not giving her a kiss. What's wrong with the world? I feel I have nothing. When I do, I don't want it. Hopefully hitting a town bar tomorrow night. Here's to a night of standing frozen to the spot looking at girls as opposed to having intelligent conversation with them. Kinda difficult I suppose when I'll be sober and they'll be plastered on cheap alco-pops. What's so worng with a nice pot of tea and a chat on a cosy sofa?

Till 'the morrow.

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