Seriously people.... or at least serious people  

Snuggling_Tiger 41M
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4/24/2006 5:59 am
Seriously people.... or at least serious people

I got a great message from a couple.... I'll include it here!
Subject Line: Don't get Me wrong....

Message: ...I'm a straight male and I'm writing on behalf of my wife.
Let me say that you are the first male who has ever intrigued her from this site. You've got my vote too for that matter. You seem to be someone that would make me a good friend but, more importantly, you also seem like you'd be all the right aspects of someone who could "make" my wife. Basically you are me in an athletic muscular build.

Care to go get a couple of beers with us sometime? We might have room in our schedule this or next month for a good ol' fashioned date with a third wheel. Bring a female friend of your own and we'll be ready for some four-wheeled fun.

I wrote them back and thought I was cordial enough, saying beers would be a good time, lets get together and nothing... so I am curious if there are serious people out there... I know I have met a couple of them and enjoyed it greatly, but we SINGLE MEN - have a tough time play... please don't toy with our emotions...

I don't know, maybe its just me... I think perhaps I want to much from AdultFriendFinder - perhaps I should just become one of the many fakers... but thats not cool.... anyway - I hope that those that wrote me, know - no hard feelings.. you and your wife just seemed cool and I would love to catch that beer sometime... Its golf season for god sake - perhaps a bucket of balls..

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