Been a long a time  

Smoothrider85 33M
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5/14/2006 7:54 am
Been a long a time

Hi everyone Im not sure if Im allowed to do this here but here goes......... I know some ladies out there are very willing to help me out. So I'll be waiting for yo responses.The last time I had sex was after I caught my ex in bed with another dude that was in the beginning of last year.( I know it sounds stupid)

Any way (to cut along story short)I got traumatised and felt really foolish for what I did and from then on haven't gotten laid.Right now I feel the rtemperature rising by the day and soon I'll be cumming on me self ( why let it all go to waste)

Ladies I guess y'all know where Im going with these so pliz help me out. Zero seven two zero eight five two one seven X 2

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