Weekend day one, nice, nice, nice!  

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12/10/2005 3:42 am

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Weekend day one, nice, nice, nice!

23 degrees here in the east at 6:35am. Oh boy, what a time to be up on a Saturday morning. But if you have been gettin up a this time for most of your life, you get used to it.

Well, this past week was mostly uneventful, especially from the standpoint of knowing anything about my situation. No news, no changes, nada, just SOS. Wife sits around on her ass, daughter does the same thing when she is here. I suppose she goes to visit friends, cause near as I know she is not dating any guys but then I am not clued in to all of the little things that happen around here. And you know, that is ok, cause with such meaningless lives, there is nothing that I need to know about them so the less the better. Yeah, I know, don't let it bother me. And I am not, it is just a mild irritation. Kinda like jock itch! LOL

I need to do a few regular things this weekend but as usual I plan to keep a low profile and use the down time to relax. After all is that not what weekends are for? Partly, of course, and I know there are many who must do some meaningful work on the weekends but I am not one of them. Thank goodness!

Well, I have done a few simple things today but I have to confess, there has been no real exertion. LOL What did you expect, me to work on the weekend? Not a chance unless pressed by some irresistible force. There were no such forces in play today. I had a nap, played around online most of the afternoon and just got back in from supper.

The other daughter and her boy are back this weekend, so we will see what that brings. They just blew in this afternoon so I am waiting to see when they leave. All are gone out for some reason at the present, I guess they are taking mom to dinner, but then who gives a shit where they all went or what they are doing? LOL, not me for sure! I know, bad attitude, but it is the only one I have, so live with it.

Getting a little cooler now, it was up in the low 50's today but dropping back into low 40's now and prolly will be in the dumper again before morning. My damn gas bill came today. The last 31 days cost me $82 and change and that was up from $32 the month before. I hate the damn energy business and all their money grubbing execs. I fired off an email to our gas supplier this afternoon, for all the good that will do. They will just respond with a form statement about how energy costs are high and probably will stay that way for reasons that are beyond their control. Well, the only control we have is to use it or not and I am gonna do my level best not to use any more of it than I absolutely have to. SO, there, take that you robber barons! LOL, listen to me, I sound like a protestor. Well, I can be! But for today, that is if for my blather, so nite, nite all. Have a good one and be careful!

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