SmoothOneAllMan 70M
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7/12/2006 3:57 am

It is gonna be a hot one again today. Already 70 at this early hour, so if you are in my part of the world, keep a cool drink handy.
I have to head out to work after a while but I am gonna get finished with this post and go in the kitchen and fix me some breakfast. Yes, I said fix some breakfast. In my own kitchen with my own pans and stuff, since the wife is not here to interfere. Also, I find it hard to fix food and eat it in front of her and not offer any. She on the other hand has no problem with it at all. Oh well, the 22nd is coming and as of yesterday, there is little left for this woman to move. The load yesterday took nearly everything but for a few boxes of everyday stuff and three small pieces of furniture. She is all but gone and the next time will be the last. Unless her plans change, she is out of here 5 days after she gets back from this trip. Damn, life is good, ain't it? LOL
I have some school stuff to do today in addition to my regular things, but hey, it is still a great job.

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