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8/16/2006 3:25 am

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Wow, 74 degrees at this time of the morning, it is gonna be a hot one today. Well, it is a good day to go back to work and stay inside in the AC. I figure there will be some busy work today but other than that, a luncheon for one of our folks who is retiring is about all I have to accomplish today.

Tomorrow, I have to go to a training session in the afternoon. Some kind of a thing that we have to do from time to time. It looks good on the record to have done these things. It may even have some positive benefits but I do not hold out much hope for it. Most of these kind of things are more the warm-fuzzy type of crap. We shall see, huh?

So, I have done about all of my usual stuff this morning and have about 3 hours before I actually have to be at work. LOL Just to quick sometimes. I do have to clean up a bit before I go so that will take a few minutes. Plus, there is the 15 mile drive, and then I figure to eat breakfast before I hit the office. There is a place across the road from work that is pretty good and that will take about 30 mins. so I better get a move on or I will be late! LOL

Well, it was about like I expected it to be, but with a nice lunch provided by the boss. We have a janitor who is leaving us and we gave him a going away party today will food and a card with money in it. He is a great guy and we hope he will come back and help us in another capacity, but we can not be sure of that yet. Anyway, it was good to see some of my colleagues that I have not seen since the spring term ended. Not everyone works 12 months like I do. So, I am back at the house and have some minimal chores to do and then kick back.

I will be out to the gym in the morning and then I have a training seminar to go to in the afternoon. It is supposed to be 3 hours long and I figure it will be big time boring, but it is one of those things that is good to do when you do not do some of the other stuff at work! Get my drift? LOL

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