Tuesday and the week marches on!  

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5/9/2006 3:59 am

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Tuesday and the week marches on!

Still on the chilly side here in the east. 52 degrees at 6:57am but at least it is not raining at the moment. However, it is cloudy and very grey looking out there so it may start any minute. In our neck of the woods, it is a good thing to be getting this rain, we have been very dry.
I have to get out to breakfast here in the next little while and then on to school. I have to give two final exams today but then, it is all over but the shouting. We finish our spring term today and then I have to attend graduation on Thursday evening. I would rather do most anything but go to the graduation, but it is part of the job. So, I will be there.
Ok, it is now almost 4:30pm and it has been a busy day. I was at the office for work today, two exams given, finals graded, grades posted and paperwork turned in. Man, what a day. I am essentially finished now for the week. Well, I do have to go to graduation on Thursday night but that is not all that hard, just long and gets a bit stuffy in the coliseum with all those people in there. Summer term starts next Thursday so I have a little bit of a break. Got some doctors to see and other shit that needs doin so I will be busy, some! After all it is a break!
Ok, it is very late and I am about to finish my day with the second episode of the Unit, nice show. Nite, nite, peeps, and sleep well!

SeductionByStars 64F

5/9/2006 6:09 am

My Youngest son is Graduating from High School! Woo Hoo! Off to the Adult Conspiracy - He goes.

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