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9/12/2006 3:52 am

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More fall like weather in store today. It is 61 degrees now and forecast calls for low 70's today as a high. I like it!

I have a pile of school work to do today. Papers to grade and other chores. I am also going to a celebration for my friend who is the stroke survivor. He has been going around speaking on stroke awareness and prevention over the past few years and has kept track of how many people he has touched. Today we celebrate him going over the one million mark. That is impressive.

I will be going to the gym later this morning, I try and make it there three days a week. I will not be able to go this Thursday, I have a dentist appointment to go to and then see my therapist in the afternoon. Wow, busy guy huh?

Ok, it is afternoon, about 3pm and I have to get ready to go out and attend the celebration for my friend. Then, depending on what time it is, I either will go on to work or come back to the house for a while before work. I have class tonight and that is from 6-9pm. So, we shall see what happens.

No other news today, nothing in the mail but junk and no other communication. Slow news day. I did get to the gym this morning and that was ok. I like to get a work out in, makes me feel better.

Late breaking news flash!!!! I got to work this evening and there was a voice mail waiting for me from my lawyer. The ruling is in on my support case and I have to go see her tomorrow and find out how bad it is. I can just imagine now what it will say. But, that is tomorrow and tonight I am heading to bed before long so nite, nite, peeps, and sleep well.

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