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8/22/2006 4:34 am

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Ok, I am finally able to get this post started after having been up since before 6am today. It is about 74 degrees outside and muggy I suppose, we are getting a bit of rain.

I was working on my school stuff online this morning which is what took my attention this early morning. It is really neat to be able to handle some of my work from home. All of my courses have an online component so I can access such things as assignments, quizzes, etc. I do all the grading on the same web sites so the students get to see their grades almost immediately.

So, it is hot again today but we are fast approaching the fall season and it will start cooling off more and more as we go. It is so nice in this area in the fall and spring. I love it.

So, I have most of today off, just have a class tonight and it is not all that bad. Just have to go and do what I do.

I am off to the gym in a while, since I am back in the swing of living! I need to be there at least three days a week, trying to keep ahead of the aging process. Hard battle at times but have to keep trying!

Ok, afternoon, been to the gym, had lunch and well, I do not know. I have to go to school this evening. Got a night class on Tuesday and Thursday. There are only three people registered in the course but being that we are a community college, we often have class sizes that are smaller than the norm. I had 19 last night in a class, so it averages all over the place.

No news on the legal front. I am still on for a meeting with my attorney this Thursday afternoon, I suppose. No word to the contrary so I am planning on going. Just one of those things I have to do. I am not putting any effort into this crap anymore. I am just gonna let it play out like it has to and that will be that. I have plans for much more interesting things to do and people to spend time with. This phase of my life is a closed book. SHUT!

Evening wrap up, and not much to add. My Tuesday and Thursday class will go on a planned. Had another student register tonight so I have enough to continue the course. So, I am done for the day and so is this post. Nite, nite, peeps, and sleep well. I paid $2.75/gal for gas tonight and it had been up hear $3 earlier this month so we are having an effect. Keep up the pressure.

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