Thursday, on break!  

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7/27/2006 3:56 am

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Thursday, on break!

Temp is 72 this morning and we are definitely in the HHH season here in the south. What is HHH you say? Hazy, Hot and Humid. Weather forecast on local news channels, is HHH this time of year. Part of the charm of living in the south.

I have some chores to do today, just piddly little things actually. I thought about getting out early and washing my windows but as hot as it is and all, I may pass on the activity. It is not safe to be out in this heat a lot this time of year.

No more news from the legal front. The possibility of an out of court settlement is still open, or at least that is what my lawyer said. I know this gang, the process of this whole thing is so unbelievably slow it is not funny. You just can not get anything accomplished and the lies, misdirection’s and crap. No wonder OJ got away with murder. Did you see where that woman in Texas got off with murder? Killed her 5 kids and said she was doing it because she thought Satan was in her! You think? What a country.

I have to start my fall term prep work today, it sure is nice to be able to do it from home. This 21st century technology is really great. I have a lot of my work online and that makes it easy to do from home.

Had a good lunch today with a colleague from work. Great flounder sandwich, mmmmmmmmmmm, and FF and the best iced tea anywhere around. So, it is hot and getting hotter. 90 degrees now and heading for bigger numbers before the day is out. Humid, well, like I said earlier, HHH!

Yep, still HHH and it is not about 6:25pm so the heat is on and staying on. Temp reads 87 and the sun is about to set. Man, hot, hot, hot! I went out and did a little bit of sprucing up outside a few minutes ago, but wow, way to hot to be out for long. I just hosed down the siding in front to wash off the grass clippings from yesterday and let it go at that.

So, nite, nite, peeps, and sleep well. I have an idea that gas is gonna continue increasing in price no matter what we do but try and save some energy when you can. It will help.

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