Thursday, and the end of the week is in sight!  

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2/23/2006 3:33 am

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Thursday, and the end of the week is in sight!

6:30am here in the east and it is 45 degrees. forecast for today is for clearing and sunny later on. I like that for late February. I have a lunch appointment today with a colleague, some other stuff to do but no major undertakings. No word yet from my lawyer about a strategy session for the meeting next week. You know, I wonder about some people and the professions they are in. This whole thing with the lawyers just reinforces my disdain for the trade. Boy, I could soap box this one, but not today!

Well, speaking of a soapbox, I just got through reading a letter from my lawyer that came pretty close to being the last straw for me and her. I do not understand how lawyers, doctors, plumbers, or any skilled craft get the idea that they are somehow better than the rest of us. I have known a few of these types over the years as we all have and they are mostly all the same. I my mind, when I hire someone to do some work for me, it does not matter the nature of the work. If my commode is stopped up, then I call a plumber, so how is a lawyer different than that? If I could do all of the things I need to have done by myself, I would do them. That is not a practical approach to life so you and must hire some work done. Well, it is important that all of us remember that our skill is just that, a skill. Others have it and if I were not so close to getting a settlement done, I would change lawyers and get someone who knows how to handle a client. Wow, soapbox indeed.
In other news, it is 60 degrees here and a very lovely day after all the rain moved out and the fog lifted. Nice to be in the warm, I like it. More later maybe!
It is later and it is about 8pm and mid 40's outside. I am finished for this post so see ya tomorrow. Nite, nite, peeps! Sleep tight!

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