Thursday, and another week about gone!  

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4/20/2006 3:45 am

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Thursday, and another week about gone!

It is 6:40am and the temp outside is 54 degrees and I am lovin' it. This is my kind of weather and my time of the year. I really enjoy spring, it is very special to me. So, what is on tap for today? Not a hell of a lot. I have some legal things to do as you might imagine, mostly getting my response ready for this summons I got. I hate having to do things like this, it just sucks. I live here in the same house with a woman who has chosen to not talk to me about anything regarding our pending break-up and only goes by what the damn lawyer says. I suppose she is not willing to trust her own thoughts and responses to things, and that is really ashamed. I never have needed anyone to act on my behalf, except for this situation. Now, when I sit down with my attorney, we discuss what I want and I make the decisions. The only reason I actually am using an attorney at all is that this process requires that both parties be represented and I am not a student of the law so the only purpose my lawyer serves is to interpret the legal things for me. I stand on my own decisions and my own actions. Hiding behind someone is just not in my make-up.
More later!
Afternoon, about 3:15pm and the temps are up, good spring weather as compared to yesterday. I am about to start my prep for going off to work for the last time this week. I have class tonight and then am off till Monday. Damn, I like this job. OH, you may remember a few months back that I mentioned that my former boss at work was in some hot water! Well, looks like the school and he have reached an agreement that will have him retiring next month. He was on campus where I work yesterday cleaning out his office and is not going to be working in my area in these last weeks till he goes out. I think they have some busy work they are going to put him on at our main campus, which is about 30 miles from where I work. I hate that he has to do this, but he brought it on himself. In case you ever have questions about conflict of interest laws, they are real and you can be prosecuted under them. In his case, they were a little thin on enough evidence to make a case but they tried, and he is damn lucky that they decided to go this route. I am also glad it is over, I hated to think I would end up having to work for him again, since he put me and others in jeopardy with his actions. Sometimes the luck runs in your direction.
Nothing more on the legal front for me and my wife today, just holding one till the legal process drags along, it is so friggin slow. But, it is the way of it! Have to get ready for work now so look for a wrap up near bedtime tonight.
Close to bedtime so it is that point in my post where I say; nite, nite, peeps, and sleep well! Save all the energy that you can, it will pay big dividends later on!

LustyTaurus 49M
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4/20/2006 8:40 pm

I went through a divorce...not fun even though mine was reletively simple and smooth.


SmoothOneAllMan 70M

4/21/2006 3:54 am

Yes, this is my second and it is not all that rough, just long and drawn out. My first was pretty simple and I even had kids in that one. There are no kids, large property values or anything in this one, the main difference is that my first wife was not afraid to get out and work, this wife is or just to damn lazy!

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