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8/24/2006 3:48 am

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A bit cooler this AM, 67 degrees right now. So, it is going to get ever cooler and nicer as we end these dog days of August. I can hardly wait. Muggy is just not my cup of tea.

Well, I have to go talk to my lawyer this afternoon and see what is up about our supposed hearing this coming week. I suppose since it has been scheduled, we are going there despite my best efforts to avoid it. But, as I have said before, I am not afraid of going to court, if that is what the wife wants to do. So, all I am interested in is getting this crap finished up and over with. It is now just about a year since this all started and way past the time to be done with it. So enough already!

I have class tonight but no work items of any consequence until then. I am heading out to the gym in a little while! Nice to have my workout back as part of my week. It is a refreshing thing to be able to exercise and work on the physical aspects of things. You know at our age that part needs all the help it can get! LOL

More later, if there is anything worth posting!

Ok it is later but I do not have much to put in this post. I have been to the gym, had lunch, a nap and still have to go see my lawyer, then to work. Not much of a fun day exactly. But, some days are like that, just full of stuff that keeps you moving one thing to the next and not getting a whole lot of anything accomplished. That is kinda what today has been like. I would go outside and do some things but it is really way to hot. Near 90 and humid so I am staying inside. I just can not function well in all that muggy weather. So, outside stuff will have to wait.

Well, it was a good day all told, after all! I had the appointment with my lawyer and found out that I am in better shape than I thought. My cost for going to court is not going to be any more than for other stuff. I was very pleased with that news. Also, there are no court costs to pay by either side, that is paid up front by the party who brings the action in civil matters and the wife has already paid it. COOL! So, we are set to go in to see the judge this coming Tuesday morning, or maybe not. This is such a low key nothing case that we may not even get on the docket this time around. Which is just fine with me. Also, I found out that this is just the first step in determining post separation support and that final numbers and duration is a separate step altogether. More cost for the wife, to travel down here, pay her lawyer and all that crap. I am just tickled to death with the whole thing. Makes going to the court house next week a thing of not much consequence for me, but for her, it is going to be a make or break situation. LOL, I love it.

But, for now, nite, nite, peeps! I am done in for the day! Been a long one and I am heading to the bed soon! It is now about 9:30pm and sleepy time is calling. Save some energy when you can.

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