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8/10/2006 3:54 am

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Wow, dare I say it? HHH Just rolls on and it is 74 degrees already at this time of the day. Ok, it is gonna be another day inside and not out in this dastardly heat. I walked out to the mail box just a bit ago and it is just overcast all around but muggy. May be that the clouds will hang in and that will keep the temps down to a dull roar.

I think I will go over to the mall later this morning and check out a new cell phone. I have had a pre-paid one for a couple of years now and think it is time for a change. As I prepare to move to a new location, it seems reasonable to just have a cell phone and not a land line. No need to pay twenty or thirty bucks a month to have the land line and not use the thing. So, we shall see.

Had a great dinner last night with the AARP group. Just hard to beat the quality and the quantity at our place of choice to have the meetings and the program was not bad either. We have a very diverse group of folks from the older truly retired to those on the younger end that still work. Like me! These people are still very viable and are involved in life to the fullest. No sitting around in rocking chairs for them. That is my kind of folk!

Ok, it is officially H.O.T. and getting hotter. However, it is not as muggy as it has been so maybe this whole thing is on the wane.

I was at the gym a while this morning, just getting back in the groove. Do not want to over do the first time. I will just do a half-hour or so for the first week or so. I can tell that I am not in as bad a shape as might have been. Since last September, I have not darkened the door of a gym. But, it is to my advantage to get back to it and make the effort I was before and even more than last time.

I have to head out to Wally World in a little bit, to do some shopping! Duh, what else is there to do there? LOL So, have to get some things that I need for my new place, when I get to move to it. Checked yesterday and they have two open so I am good to go if I can just get this damn house sold. Never goes as quickly as I would like, but it will go and that is almost a certainty.

Well, me and the heat had a battle, and the heat won. I did not go to do shopping, just to damned hot to be out in it. I may run our early in the morning while it is still relatively cool. I is about 93 as the sun begins to slip down below the horizon. I sure hope we get some relief soon, it is nasty out there.

I have just been wasting time today, not accomplished much of anything! But, I suppose that is what off time is for. I will have to change my mode of operation next week, we have to hit it again.

So, nite, nite, peeps, and sleep well! I am gonna do that very thing later tonight!

angelofmercy5 60F
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8/10/2006 5:33 am

The weather here is a little bit cooler right now.....and I'm glad. I love the heat....but just not 110!

SmoothOneAllMan 70M

8/10/2006 8:26 am

I hear you sugar, it is about 84 here right now and will top 90 before the day is out. But, fall is on the way and we will enjoy that soon! Hang in there!

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