Sunday and the weekend ends!  

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2/12/2006 3:51 am

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Sunday and the weekend ends!

31 degrees at 6:48am here in the east. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to damn cold for me. I hate the cold, especially when my furnace runs so much. I did see a few snow flakes yesterday evening but not any major snow. Nothing on the ground this morning and the sky seems really clear. Well, I will be on my way out to breakfast in a while. Will have to warm up the old Toyota, it needs it and so will I! LOL
We do not have any snow here and it has been sunny mostly today, with a brisk breeze blowing most of the day. It is up to 43 degrees and sun is out now so I doubt there will be any precip of the frozen persuasion today, maybe tonight but depends on the moisture! Well, all is quiet here, no one around but me. Most of the kids and the wife are out working, which I think is just great. They need to be doin that, makes you feel like you are making a contribution. Now, if the wife would just realize that she can work all the time, not just on holidays, we would be getting somewhere. When she is back home living with mommy and daddy she can still have a job to keep her occupied. Sure beats sitting around the house and feeling sorry for one's self. I really look forward to each new week, my work is partly what keeps me sane. After I retire, I will still be doing something. I can not just quit and sit at home waiting for the end, not me!
Been out to supper at the K&W cafeteria, man, good chow. Have a full tummy and all ready for an evening of relaxing in front of the boob tube. Well what do you expect for guy in my fix? I would rather spend the evening with a cuddly woman but you know how that would go over in the proceedings that are to come. LOL, nice idea or mental picture though! Mmmmmm Oh hell, there will come a time and I will be able to cuddly if the opportunity presents itself. Just not now! I am planning to be out of town next weekend for my birthday. I will turn 58 on the 17th and I have to work the whole damn day but I will still leave after work and head to Virginia to my buddy's place. I have some drinks all packed in the car and we are gonna celebrate my birthday and his girl's, which is today, on Saturday next weekend. Sounds like fun, huh? I hope so, it sure is nice to be up there away from all the crap here. Makes for a nice relaxing time. Well, I am about out of crap for this post so I am gonna close it out for today. All of you peeps have a good evening and I will be back in the AM with another episode of the life of an aging guy in NC. Nite, nite, and sleep tight!

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2/12/2006 5:41 am

Build a snowman!

Purry {=}


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