Sunday, fast time is upon us!  

SmoothOneAllMan 70M
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4/2/2006 4:13 am

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4/8/2006 7:49 am

Sunday, fast time is upon us!

7am here in the east at 49 degrees and as we used to say years ago, we are on fast time now. As of 2am this morning, most of the nation went to what we affectionately call daylight saving time. However, campers, you know what we have in store next year? In 2007, March 11 is when we start fast time and it ends on November 4. Now, I do not know about you, but what is Windows going to do with that information? Or, my nice auto changing VCRs? In its infinite wisdom:
"On August 8, 2005, President George W. Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005. This Act changed the time change dates for Daylight Saving Time in the U.S. Beginning in 2007, DST will begin on the second Sunday of March and end the first Sunday of November. The Secretary of Energy will report the impact of this change to Congress. Congress retains the right to revert the Daylight Saving Time back to the 2005 time schedule once the Department of Energy study is complete." Well, I think we are in for a let down, cause all we are going to have is a situation where we change all our clocks manually in March and then have to re-set the ones that have auto change again on the first Sunday in April. Or, I suppose we could just turn off the auto change feature, can you do that in Windows? I swear, the damn government is helping me into the poor house. I am at a point where I can not afford to have them help me any more.
Well, I looked this up in XP help and as I suspected: "If you want your computer's clock to be adjusted automatically when daylight saving time changes, make sure the Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes check box is selected. This setting is located on the Time Zone tab."
So, next year, it is back to changing all our time keeping sources manually, unless MicroSoft puts out a patch for XP. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, wham!
Afternoon, had lunch, and just out of the shower. Sitting here in my all together, feels really good since I am here at the house by myself and the windows are open and a breeze is a blowin'. Speaking of blowin, no, better not go there, makes me crazy! LOL Sure would be nice to have a smooth set of lips around though. MMMMMMMMMMMM Damn! I like it! Hehehehehehe, but, alas, have to wait for that like all the goodies till after I get my life back. Best thing I can do now is get my nap in, yes, nap. I am old and need my rest! LOL So live with it!
Late in the evening, time to close this post, so nite, nite, peeps, sleep well!

rm_guyinokemos 70M
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4/2/2006 12:26 pm

Hello friend.....
You shouldn't rest too much. Rest is what we'll get plenty of after we die. Isn't there a Nascar race on?

Pleasent Sunday to ya, no matter how you spend it.


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