Sunday, and time to head south!  

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5/21/2006 4:45 am

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Sunday, and time to head south!

Yep, I will be checking out of the motel in a while and heading over the mountains to my sisters. I plan to be there about noon today. It is 7:45am here in the east, and still cool out. I do not have a thermometer but it feels like about mid to upper 50's. Beautiful out, clear blue sky and supposed to be nice the rest of the day with a chance of showers late. They will probably hit me on the way home. Be just my luck. I want to get back in NC by early evening, so as to not have to drive in the dark. My eyes are getting to the point that night driving is hard on them. Well, had a great time last night and my friend is a great gal. We are just friends so do not go thinking a lot of shit here. We had dinner and went to a movie. Wonderful friendly evening with nothing but laughs. To bad I have to go back to NC where that other woman lives. The difference between living with my wife and having good friends is just plane stark! I will try and post a finish to this tonight when I get back to my house. No Internet at my sisters, she lives out in the boonies and likes it that way. I would do nuts! LOL Later all!

Alright, I am back in NC at my house and all it quiet here. I asked the wife if everything went off ok yesterday at the wedding, she said it was all very nice. I left my weekend get away town this morning about 9am and headed out to see my sis. I got there and spent about 2 hours with her and her husband, then headed back this direction and stopped off to see my daughter and family for a couple of hours. So, all in all, I would say I had a great weekend and the time and money was well spent. I have to head back out to the salt mine in the morning so it is back to reality, but this weekend sure was fun.
Time now is about 8:33pm in the east at 72 degrees out side. Time to say nite, nite, peeps, sleep well and try and save some energy when you can.

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