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8/20/2006 5:15 am

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It is hot again at this hour! 74 degrees and climbing so it is gonna warm up even more as the day wears on.

I have had my breakfast, been out to get a paper and now am ready to settle in to reading the news and listening to some Beatles on the radio. Our local station for oldies plays an hour of their music every Sunday morning about 8 or so. I love it.

There is every reason to be excited about the week that starts tomorrow, yes, back to work. But, work can be fun and enjoyable, not just a drag. I found that teaching is a wonderful outlet for me and when I am in a classroom with students, I am in another place. Not the obvious place, but a different emotional place that has me occupied to the point of not thinking about anything else. That is very refreshing.

Well, speaking of the weather! LOL It is hot and getting hotter, with the RH at 60% last time I checked. Muggy, muggy! But, I did slip out for a little bit to wash my car, at the car wash silly! Stopped at Hardee's to get a burger for lunch and I swear, the one I usually frequent is giving fast food a bad name. They seem to take longer and longer each time I am there. Now, if they were really busy inside and in drive-thru, well I would cut them some slack. But, I was the only one in the drive thru, and inside there were only a few people and no one in line. Guess what? I still had to pull up and wait for my burger! Yes, go figure! That is just unreal. I am going to quit eating there, it is just a pure shame that it takes so damned long to get service.

So, it is about nap time and I am gonna get down for one here in a bit. I have to hit the ground running in the morning. Back to the salt mine as it were. No, not really! It is actually really good work and I find it pretty easy at this stage of my life. I know the material cold so there is not much prep that I need to do. I look over some things that I want to make sure I cover and then let the class dictate from there where the class time goes. Now, as long as we are working to achieve the goal, I let it be that way. Otherwise, no BS in my class! I am there to work as are the students and that is what we do.

Ok, back from having my Sunday evening supper at K&W cafeteria, and was it ever good. Ate tonight with my buddy who is also the new hire at the school. We discussed what is going to be taking place this week and some of what we have to get done. It is nice to have a friend on board to take the place of some that have retired. Speaking of retirement, I am looking really hard at that myself. It is a lot closer now than it ever has been. A little scary to be this close to it.

Nite, nite, peeps, and sleep well. Save some energy when you can.

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