Saturday, and away I go!  

SmoothOneAllMan 70M
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5/27/2006 3:32 am
Saturday, and away I go!

Well, it is 6:24am here in the east and the temp is 63 degrees so we are gonna get hot again today. But, after all, it is almost summer and by memorial day weekend we kind of consider this the kick off to summer. I am gonna get out for breakfast here in a bit and then come back to the house and get my stuff together to take with me on the trip today. The weather radar shows a clear picture for both NC and VA so looks like we are good to go for a celebration. But, even if it rains, I am still happy to be away for a day to be with some friends and enjoy life instead of being here with you know who. So, all I have left to do here is wish you all a good day and close this post. I will not be back in time tonight to put on my usual ending so just let me wish you all a great memorial day weekend with your family and friends. Remember what this weekend is about, there are thousands who have given their all so that we can live free and do the things we often take for granted. Be save and well and pig out if you get the chance!

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