Saturday! Weekends are great!  

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9/9/2006 3:31 am

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Saturday! Weekends are great!

Well, I have coffee, OJ and am sitting here putting my life on the line! LOL It is 61 degrees this morning and feeling very nice and cool. Today is supposed to be mostly clear, I think.

I have some chores to do today. Like most days, there is something that needs doing all the time. I have some house work to do. Need to dust, vacuum, etc. Also, there is the ever-present school work that is always tugging at my elbow. But, with all of this, I am still going out to the gym later this morning, and will get my laundry done in there some place. LOL Sounds like I need a wife to help with all this crap doesn't it? No thanks! I have had two and do not need any more. If I do not get all of this done today, then there will be tomorrow. If tomorrow does not come, then more is the better and it won't matter anyway!

Well, it is about 1pm and I have just about finished my chores around the house. Vacuuming is done, laundry is done and just have to dust a little but that will have to wait. I am about ready for a nap. I did not get out to the gym this morning, that was my intention but my stomach was not feeling very good so I just stayed in. Feeling better now so I might slip over for a bit tomorrow afternoon.

I wrote an email to my lawyer and got a reply pretty quickly, which is surprising. The judge has not issued a ruling on my case yet and that is why I have not heard anything. May be this week, so stay tuned, it might get dicey.

Ok, I got a call earlier from my real estate agent and they need me to be gone for a half hour to show the house so I went to the gym and worked out. Made it through it ok, although my stomach is still acting a little queasy. I am gonna get in the kitchen and fix me some supper here in a bit, but probably just gonna fix a salad and go easy on my tummy.

Supper was fine, a nice salad with some roast turkey breast on top, yum! Got my shower and and about ready to settle in for a little TV and then to bed. Been a good day all told. So, nite, nite, peeps, and sleep well. Gas prices are still dropping so lets keep the pressure on.

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