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8/19/2006 3:28 am

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It is 71.4 degrees at this time of the day so if we do not have some cloud cover, it is gonna get hot. Now, if the humidity stays down, we will be ok. I can see the signs of fall in the air, and that is a good thing.

I have some stuff to do today in preparation for my classes to start on Monday. Not to much, but some last minute stuff. I try and get ready a little early so I have been doing things for the past several weeks. Helps not to wait till the last minute.

There is not a lot to post this early, maybe the day will bring some good stuff to put down. If not, this may be a short post for the day. LOL

Back from the gym, had a good workout and sweat some. Just about have my laundry finished for the week, and now I have to dust, and vacuum. I can knock that out in the next hour or so, since there is only me to clean up after! LOL, I like it. Must be what the ex feels was so much work for her, although I can not see it. She never had to go out and make a living for anyone, only clean up after them. There is a big difference. But I figure if she does not marry some other schmuck to take care of her, she will have to work if she wants to get along in this world on her own. Matters little to me what she does, as long as I am not part of it! LOL

House work done, and about an hour! Like I said, I like this! It is also officially muggy outside. Just was out to empty the vacuum dust holder and it is really sticky out side. I would guess the level is up near 90% and at 81 degrees, that is muggy! But, take heart, we are nearing fall all the time! It is going to be better.

Ok, it is now just after 4:30pm and it is very hot. Muggy too last time I was out. I have been down for a nap and it is showing 96 on my thermometer but the sun is shining on it too. However, it is just plain hot and I am not going outside for any reason.

There was a couple here looking at the house about 2:30pm and they seemed to like the place pretty good. It was an Indian couple, and now, not the plains type. The India kind of Indians. LOL I hope they liked it well enough to make an offer on it. I would like to get moved but as I have said before, it is not really a priority. I can take mortgage payments off my taxes and rent is just rent. So, I am holding on for a while yet.

Well, it is now about 7:30pm and I am about out of stuff for this post. It has been a very hot, muggy day and I am about done in. It is still 80 degrees out so I suppose it is not going to cool down much tonight. That is ok, I have to get out early in the morning before the heat gets cranked up so I can avoid the bulk of it. Then, on Monday, I have to be out early and will be inside in the AC all day practically so that will work out ok too.

Nite, nite, peeps, sleep well and save some energy!

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