Oh darn, Monday again!  

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5/1/2006 3:44 am

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Oh darn, Monday again!

48 degrees here in the east at 6:42am and the week has started. Off to get my breakfast in a little bit, then on to the office. I have one class today, so it should not be a really hard day. Not sure what will take up the rest of my day, but there is always something to do, or just have to endure. LOL Hope your week gets off to a good start. Be careful out there!
It is now 1:20pm and I have been to work, had my lunch and about ready for my nap. I have not heard anything from my lawyer, although I tried calling her several times this morning. I did leave a voice mail so maybe that will prompt a reply. I do not want to panic, or act paranoid, but I do need to know what is happening on her side of this case. As far as I know now, nothing is getting done, but then again!!
More later if there is a later! LOL

Can you believe this? "Immigrants Walk Off Jobs in Boycott" I wonder what they would say if there was no job to come back to after their boycott? Damn, this irks me no end. The nerve of some people. There is a limit to how much any society can tolerate and this is pushing the limit on my part of this society. It is one thing to have to put up with people who come from all over the damn globe and can not or will not learn the language of the US, but then to be bold enough to think they are indispensable! What the hell is wrong with these idiots? My day has been just fine with all of these fine citizens off the job, so why do we need them? If you can be replaced that easily, then there is no need for you at all. All of these folks are free to go back to where the hell they came from as far as I am concerned. You have to know that back there, they would not dream of such actions for fear of their life or that of their families. Good old USA, land of the free and the tolerant.
Ok, I was out to the music store to pick up some strings for my guitar, stopped at Ham's and had supper, looked around the area a bit, and you know what? Not one thing seemed a bit slower, non-operable or anything to do with some of our foreign brethren not being on the job. I did see a few folks working on a project here or there that looked as if they could be from Mexico, but you know, it is hard to tell. So, was the boycott less than successful? I hope the hell it was. Dumb idea and all it is going to accomplish is make some people mad and a few of the protesters may loose their jobs for it. In a month or less, no one will even care. That is the way the US handles its internal problems. We just ignore them and they do indeed go away. What a country huh?
Evening is upon me here, the temp is down to 67 from a high of about mid 70's, but man was it a nice day and the evening is sure beautiful. So, life goes on, and on, and no, and on. As it should!

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