Next to the last day of this week, I like Thursdays.  

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11/3/2005 3:59 am

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Next to the last day of this week, I like Thursdays.

6:54am here in the east, North Carolina to be exact. Kinda chilly out, 36 degrees now and supposed to be warming up to about 70 some odd before it is all over. I like the warm, this time of year feels great. Crisp mornings, cool evenings and warm days, that is my kind of weather.
Like I said from yesterday's post, I have some slack time during daylight hours today, work tonight. Have some chores to do, but nothing heavy. Getting ready for the weekend, already? Well, you have to prepare, you just can not stop on Friday after hitting it hard all week. That sudden slam to a stop is hard on your system. So, beginning to throttle back on Thursday is not only smart, it is therapeutic. What? You think I am ill? Maybe, but you have to look at what works and go with it. When you can!

Ok, it is afternoon and I am at the keyboard again. I did some of my chores today, and most went pretty well. Have to get ready for work here in a bit, but that makes Friday even more of a reality. I love Friday! Got a pretty full day tomorrow but nothing out of the ordinary and nothing I can not handle. Just work and work is what we all do.
Say, I mentioned before that I was thinking about taking my blog on a little different tack, so how about some help here. I need to get the few of you who read this column regularly to let me know if you will be helping me out by commenting on my thoughts or questions. Will you help? If you are willing, then post a comment here and let me know if you are. I am not going to waste my time or yours if you are not gonna play. Till next time, bye peeps, and keep up the fight and conserve that energy.
Post script: Did you know if we have not had rain for a few days or weeks that we are in a drought? I just listened to one of our local TV news heads wanting us to watch the weather tonight on their station to see what it will take to get out of this drought! Damn, give me a friggin break!

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