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9/11/2006 3:52 am

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Well, I am starting off behind, I over slept by about an hour more than usual. it is 64 degrees this morning and I am gonna have to get a move on here or I will be behind all day.

I do not have much to write about this early and being late getting up does not help my thoughts. So, I will be back later today to add more if there is some good drivel to add.

This has been a really slow day, just usual stuff at work and I have to head back in a while. I am gonna eat one of those TV dinner things and have to be back at school by about 5:30 or so. I have a lab tonight and then I will be back here for the evening. No classes tomorrow during the day, just tomorrow night.

No news from the legal wranglings today of any consequence so that is yet to be decided. I am really getting tired of this slow process, it really weighs on me.

Well it is the end of another day and I am back at home and ready for bed. No other worthwhile stuff to post so I am gonna just say, nite, nite, peeps and sleep well. Save some energy when you can, we are making a difference.

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