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7/3/2006 3:23 am

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Man, it is gonna be another hot one today! It is already nearly 70 so turn on the AC and stay in the shade. I have to go in to work for a little while today, but hey, two hours is not a bad price to pay. I could have taken the day off but there really is nothing to do here so it is just as well that I get out of the house for most of the morning.
The realtor is coming this afternoon to finalize the paperwork for listing our house. He was supposed to have been her yesterday afternoon, but, for some reason he did not make it. Got an email from him last night saying he would come today. So, once the house is listed, we can really start getting things in order for the end to come. My wife is still putting things in boxes and making plans to vacate as soon as she can. I am so looking forward to that, it is not even funny. I know I will miss her to some degree, but that little bit will be overshadowed by the real relief of not having to deal with her every friggin day. LOL
Second attempt at an update, lost the first one because of a brain fart. So, as I was saying, I have been out to work, done some chores, and now back at the house in the AC. It is already 91 and may hit 100 before the day is out. Hot, H.O.T., hot. I hope all the folks working outside have enough water to keep them cooled down. Heat stroke is a very real problem.
I am gonna stay in the rest of the day, and may not even go out for supper. I had a big lunch and am really full so just might skip supper. I need to get down for a nap soon, been hitting it hard today so need my rest. LOL What a life huh? You have to love it!
Drat, I was gonna forego supper but at the last minute I just had to go to Denny's and have shrimp. Mmmmmmmmmm good! I love shrimp in any form but Denny's is having a special on grilled shrimp and I am just to weak to resist.
So, it is still hot, but did not break 100 today, I think the official high was about 95 but it was damn hot enough. I am not much on extremes in temps. To cold or to hot is just not good for me.
The realtor came by this afternoon and put our house on the market. I have a lock box on the front door, a yard sign and the paperwork is all signed by me and the wife. The only fly in the ointment so far is that I hear through my lawyer that her lawyer is putting a counter offer together to my final offer. I thought that was all a done deal with the agreement we had signed but I suppose not. This shit is really getting old and I am so glad that at the very least, this bitch will be gone from here in about 3 weeks. No matter the support settlement, she still has to vacate based on her agreement. I also found out from her that she is moving back home to mom and dad. A woman who is 47 years old moving back home, that is so sad. No idea of how to conduct a life on her own terms. I suppose I should be glad I am not that way.

Well, I have bored you all long enough with my troubles, so it is just nite, nite, peeps, and sleep well. Save some energy when you can!

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