Monday, wow!  

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1/23/2006 5:47 am

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Monday, wow!

Well, no ISP at home is a bummer. I know, I have one but the account is set up as a metered account and I am not gonna pay by the hour. That is supposed to change this weekend so I may have good service again that I can afford. The bad thing is, I am planning on being out of town this weekend from Friday thru late Sunday. I need a break so I am going back to my buddy's in Virginia to cool out some. I had 5 women in my house this past weekend. No, don't go there. This was my mother-in-law, another daughter of my wife and one of her nieces. So, it was 5 women that are not especially on my side of the table so it was extra tense with all of them about and underfoot to some degree. I hope they go home today but they were still there when I left for work. Just my luck huh? No real news to report, so not putting up a post every day is not a problem for most, especially me. Oh well, most of us live a fairly dull life and no one really wants to read about all the mundane shit we have to endure. I did go to a movie yesterday for a bit of a respite. Went to see MUNICH, and it was ok, a bit long and drawn out but ok, if you like that kind of thing. Ok, I am at work and have to get busy for my classes today so let me leave you for now. More later if I get the urge.

Alright, so I got the urge! LOL I am back for a wrap up. I am off for home in a bit, done for this day! I have my regular long day tomorrow so I have to get home and prepare for that. Plus, it is about time for a nap, my bones hurt. No not really, just kidding but a nap would be kinda nice, however, I am going to have to stop taking naps, they really do ruin my nights sleep. I have no big plans for the rest of today, just try and survive it all. I hope you all have a good night so sleep tight. Nite, nite, peeps! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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