Monday, again!  

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6/5/2006 3:19 am

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Monday, again!

It is 56 degrees at 6:16am and I have to get moving here pretty quickly. I have to go to the doctor's office this morning for my nuclear stress test. It starts at 7:30am and I have some stuff to do here before I leave. Other than the test, I have a regular Monday ahead of me and the week is looking ok too. It sure has been nice not having the wife around but I guess that comes to an end today, she is supposed to be back. Maybe she will just stay longer since the kids are not living here anymore. But, she will just come back to devil me if nothing else. Darn the luck! LOL Later gang!
It is now mid afternoon, about 2:15pm and I got through the test this morning in almost record time. I was there just over 2 hours and not the sometimes 3 or 4 it takes to get this done. I had more problems with the machine that takes the pictures of your heart function this time than in previous visits. I tend to be more claustrophobic these days than I ever used to be. I do not know what has led to this increase in my fear of being confined or trapped but maybe the crap I am getting in this separation/divorce thing, who knows. All I know is that during both sessions of the pictures, I felt like I was gonna have to climb out of the thing to be able to breath. Funny thing, there is ample breathing room, no closed fixture to speak of, just the fact that you are strapped down and it is hard to move or get up if you had to. I suppose that is what gets to me the most, the being restrained part. Man, life just sucks sometimes and this does not make it any easier to get through.
Well, I have been out to get my supper and since the wife is still not back, I had Chinese take out and ate here at the house. Kinda different from what I have had to do for the last 9 months. Can you believe this? It has been nine friggin months and I am not any more separated than I was last September. Now that sucks! I suppose the hearing in two weeks will push things along if the wife turns down my 4th and final offer to settle out of court. She will probably just listen to that smooth talkin lawyer she has and let him cost her and me more money than is necessary. Of course, the two lawyers win in this situation, neither my wife nor I ever had a chance of winning, it is a rigged game from the get go! SUCKS, I tell you, it just SUCKS! WOW, that felt good! LOL I need to vent a little at times, sorry for shouting, but it did make me feel a bit better.
So in the interest of your brain and eyes as you read this drivel, I am gonna close for today. Nite, nite, peeps, sleep well and save some energy when you get the chance!

Late, late breaking news, and an unusual post addition for me! The old bitch got back just a while ago and the first thing she did was pick a fight with me over some trash I put in the recycle can. Can you believe how childish this woman is? I mean a couple of coke cans and some cardboard, not even a full can just a few bits really. She carried the can into my room and said "I am not going to take out your trash"! Well what a friggin surprise, she is so worthless she can not even take out a little trash for the guy who keep the damn roof over her head by paying the mortgage every month. And you wonder why I am getting a divorce? Just no other way to deal with this one!

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