Monday, after the vacation!  

SmoothOneAllMan 70M
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8/7/2006 3:33 pm
Monday, after the vacation!

Wow, I go away for a week and get back to the same friggin heat wave. It was hot in Virginia too, but had a wonderful time and hated to head back here today. But, I do have to work and make a living for the foreseeable future. It is 81 degrees outside now and that is not too bad but the damn humidity is up to 10,000% it feels like! Damn, it is really oppressive. But that is why this time of year is called the dog days of summer.
What have you all been up too? About the same as me I suspect or just trying to stay ahead of the price of gas, food, shelter, etc, etc. Don't you love the BP company for shutting down the Alaska pipeline? That really helps in this situation. More record profits for the oil companies I wager! Damn it all!

I came back from my vacation today and the AC had been off since I left. It was hot in here and still is almost 81 degrees but is down from 90+ when I first got here! Wow, felt like a roaster in here!

I have to do some school work this week to get ready for my fall term to begin in a while. Also, I plan to put in some effort on a few remaining chores I have to get finished on the house. Just small shit now, no biggies, or at least I hope not. I have put enough money into this place, I need to get some out of it now.

Well, I am about beat and done in from the trip, getting unpacked, and all that stuff. I will pick up with this idea again in the new post for tomorrow. Nite, nite, peeps, sleep well and save some energy when you can. $5/gal gas is in sight!

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