Monday, Labor Day!  

SmoothOneAllMan 70M
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9/4/2006 4:57 pm
Monday, Labor Day!

I came home a day earlier than I had planned. The weather turned rainy and I had a ton of stuff to do here so I just came back home. I have had a good weekend and enjoyed being away very much. Got a chance to let down and not be concerned about so much crap. Need to do that pretty often these days. I hope to go back next month to spend at least a weekend. My buddy is a good guy and has lots of ear to listen to my troubles. Great to have friends like that.

So, here I am and it is late on a Monday holiday and I am about caught up on my work from the school stuff. I will be getting back to classes tomorrow night but not during the day. I do not have any on Tuesday and Thursday during the day. Nice schedule. I have to get a new mailbox tomorrow for my house here. Some worthless individuals took a baseball bat to mine over this past Friday night and it really took a beating. It was knocked completely off of the post and I just put it back temp like on my way out of town on Saturday morning. Tomorrow is the new one day. So, nite, nite, peeps, and sleep well. Save the energy, it is having an effect if you have not noticed!

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