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8/25/2006 3:05 am

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64 degrees and a nicer morning than some in the past week. It will continue to feel more and more like fall in the coming days.

I have to head off to work in a bit, got classes today. My buddy and I meet at a place across from the school to eat breakfast. I enjoy having my breakfast and then going on to work. Speaking of eating, I will be having supper this evening with my stroke survivor buddy. His wife is going to some kind of a function this evening and that leaves him on his own. We are going to eat at a place just down the road a bit from my house.

This time next weekend, I will be getting ready for work but also for heading off to my friend's place in Virginia. I am going to spend the labor day weekend at his place and kick back a bit. I like going there, as I have mentioned here in this blog on many occasions.

So, as the week closes on the activities of the first week of school, it has been pretty good all in all. I have some few who still are not sure what the heck is going on, but that is the way of it, just always are going to be some.

Well, I am back from my day of classes, and things went very well today! I am heading out to dinner with my buddy here in a bit. No major happenings today, just kinda usual stuff. I will be back later with a final post for today! See ya!

Ok, I am back for the finale' of this drivel session. It has been a pretty quiet day and I have been out for my dinner and back now for the night. Had a good dinner with my friend, but the food was not the good part. The company was fine but the food just about sucked. I had a small 6oz rib eye and it was wafer thin and full of gristle. I do not favor the restaurant we went to, but it was not my choice. So, next time, I may just beg off if that is the place I have to go. They have lots of people eating there every night so they will not miss me. I just do not see what the big draw is. The food is just not that good nor cheap. Go figure! Nite, nite, peeps and sleep well! Save that gas, the Arabs will hate us anyway so no worries there.

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