The Erotic Spanking  

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8/20/2006 3:10 pm

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The Erotic Spanking

Since I told you a story about what started as a disciplinary spanking, I thought I would give erotic spanking equal time. The woman that I was dating was a very aggressive, and physically strong woman. She was about 5'6" and weighed 135, and most of it was muscle. She was an athlete in high school and had continued playing tennis and running. Needless to say, she had great legs and an amazing ass that you could bounce a quarter off of.

I went to her house directly after work, and took a shower there. When I joined her, she had prepared a nice meal so we flirted and talked as we ate. After finishing, I helped her clear off the table and washed the dishes. I accidently splashed water on her, so she splashed me. We battled back and forth for awhile, then she grabbed the sprayer and aimed it at me. "If you do," I said, "I will put you across my knee and tan you good." As soon as I said it, I knew that I had made a major faux pas. Her eyes flashed and I knew I was going to get soaked. And I did. I reached for her and she took off running. Luckily for me, the doors were closed so she couldn't get outside, or I would never have caught her. I finally trapped her in the bedroom and started closing in.

Now, this girl was not like the girl in my first story. There was no way that I was going to easily throw her across my knee. It was a struggle. But the 40 pound weight advantage, and some stamina wore her down enough that I finally got her bent over, and face down on the bed as I sat on her back, with my legs hanging down framing that luscious bottom. To be honest, that was the best that I could hope for. I gave each cheek a couple of slaps. "Didn't hurt." So I gave her a couple more a little harder. "Still didn't hurt, asshole."

"Maybe I can change that." Luckily for me, she was wearing athletic shorts that had an elastic waistband, so I was able to slide them down over her hips. Each cheek received another swat. "It still didn't hurt, and you let me up you asshole." So, of course, the panties had to come down too. I gave her bottom a flurry of swats eliciting some little squeals.

"Now are you ready to apologize and be a good girl? Or do you need some more?" She reached back and slapped my shoulder for an answer. "Now your really going to get it."

I reached down and started massaging that tight,red ass with one hand while my other reached down and teased her pussy lips and clit. It didn't take too long before she was starting to enjoy what I was doing. I slowly slid two fingers nto her pussy and started sawing them in and out. My other hand swatted her bottom again. Then massaged her hot bottom and started playing with her sensitive little asshole. I had two fingers and my thumb in her pussy causing her to squirm and moan. I pulled my thumb out and inserted it into her ass. As I brought her closer to orgasm I began lightly swatting her ass as my other hand played with her pussy and asshole. Her movements just about threw me off like a cowboy on a bronc, but I held on until she had a huge cum. I climbed off her and bent down to kiss her bottom. It was hot and red and I loved it.

"Since I am already drenched, and you are too, how about we go take a shower," I said. "Anything you say master," she said with that gleam in her eyes. Maybe I'll tell you what she did to me in the shower some other time. I will say that I enjoyed every minute of it.

As you can see, this spanking had nothing to do with pain, subserviance, or discipline. It was a game played by two people who both enjoyed it.

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1/24/2008 6:48 am

love the story. Made wet.

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