Is Anyone There???  

Smilin_J225 69M
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12/17/2005 9:01 pm

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Is Anyone There???

I have been a member of this site on a number of occasions. I usually get very frustrated after writing letter after letter and getting very few responses. And I am always confused as to why. Now I am not a stupid human being, I know I won't give Mel Gibson a run for his money, and I know that I am not 30 years old any more. But don't people join a site like this because they want to meet people who can fulfill their sexual desires? Does experience count for nothing?

Now you may be wondering exactly who I have been writing to. Do I restrict myself to 20 something hardbodies? Definitely not. The first people I write to are those who are 5 star matches. I rarely write someone who does not match in age unless they have stated in their profile that age makes no difference to them. Or their profile describes someone who is so interesting that I would just like to converse with them.

I don't expect this comment to stimulate thousands of replies, nor do I expect people to change in their desires, but maybe some of the younger couples and singles will think about exactly what they are looking for on this site. If fun sex is what yo are looking for, try going outside the box for a change. You never know, you might find a very skilled person who is just a lot of fun to be with. Even if you don't want to take them home to meet Mom and Dad. Or even your friends.

rm_fantasy7227 68F
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12/21/2005 3:25 am

If u would change ur settings so standard members could contact u - there might be a better response.

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