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I keep reading various bloggers lists of favorite things and actually have my own. But I didn't want to bore anyone with mine so I thought of something else. I'm sure Osama bin Laden has his, he's only human you know. So I thought it might be a nice gesture to list them for him. The DSL in his cave hasn't been working these days. So here goes:

1. Death to America
2. When he gets YIMs from Muqtada al Sadr with smiley faces - such a flirt.
3. The smell of freshly washed clothes (happens about once a year these days)
4. AK-47s that don't jam
5. Getting the rare roll of Charmin smuggled through enemy lines (and no, he doesn't share)
6. Secret desire for honey baked ham
7. Being on the run - means he doesn't have to listen to any nagging wives and whiny children
8. Wearing Victoria's Secret underneath his clothes
9. Apple Pie (go figure??)
10. The Gong Show re-runs- what a crazy guy
11. Finding a cave with good lighting
12. Imagining Cindy Sheehan and Hilary Clinton in Burkhas...."oooh sexy,show me your veil"
13. A night without shelling
14. When his dialysis machine doesn't clog
15. Being photographed from the right side - it's his best he says
16. Poetry recitals in the cave - and is quite fond of the beatniks - he says it's 'groovy'
17. While living in a cave, who cares if you have dirty fingernails and bad breath?
18. Lysol for the cave
19. Running water, electricity, gourmet food, 600ct sheets, ice cream.....but wait that's the White House not his cave (my bad)
20. And I know he's a little fixated, but for emphasis, he wanted to list Death to America one more time. He said he's really just a simple man.

So there you go. I'm sure he has more, but that's as much as I got before he had to flee to his next shithole, errrr, I mean cave.


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8/8/2006 11:13 am


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8/13/2006 12:41 pm

You left off the "Mainstream American News Media." In many ways, they do more to help his cause than the poor delusional souls he dupes into carrying out his terrorist plots.

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