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Yesterday , Today & Tomorrw

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

You are my life, my reason to live,
Yet you’re now here and unwilling to give.
Your comfort from earthly possession
Have captured you it seems,
Yet you desire to live in the real world again,
Where feelings of love…from someone are true.

But you wont let go of “comfort” you see,
For someone who cares and that someone is me.
I still love you and always will.
But my heart screams to be free,
My soul cries out to live again.

Here I sit…crying tears filled with pain,
For a love that’s lost
to a prison of “comfort, bars, and chains."
I am letting go of my love for you,
I’m answering a call that’s real true.

The plead of my heart, the cry of my soul,
For they scream out, life is mine please take hold!
Life without your prison is more precious you see,
Comfort of living, and loving you were the prison for me.

Yesterday…..You were my life,
Today.....My life I reclaim,
Tomorrow.....I am free!

┬ęDream Artistry

Wrote after my love affair with a married man in my early 20's. Many years have pass by now and I look back & realize just how stupid I was!!!

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