Day 2...The Empire Strikes Back (wait...The  

Slvkitten_Bruce 41M/33F
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4/20/2006 9:29 pm

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4/23/2006 4:00 pm

Day 2...The Empire Strikes Back (wait...The

So anyway, took a jaunt up to SP to see T, chill out, spend the night lasciviously (hopefully). She's got this idea we're going to try out tonight...if it turns out well, we'll try to update our theories about movement in a liquid theory.
On a side note...I think I burned my face today driving with the top down, but that's my own fault for complete lack of a logical mind. British ancestry causing me to be pasty collegiate white.
For a momentary poll to all guys, I'm currently in a "trunk" phase of my life, and I've noticed that the hanes no-seams are pretty nice, but if you wear them for more than 4 hours (who doesn't) they creep up like kudzu. Any suggestions?
Til later

rm_beninjax69 105M

4/21/2006 7:02 am

the boxer briefs are the way that i go. not much riding... not too tight.

i want to know this theory about liquid movement... and if you were successful or not... you'll have to let me know...

Slvkitten_Bruce replies on 4/22/2006 10:06 pm:
As far as the Liquid movement theory mentioned in our blog we didn't get to it but have done it in the past. I don't know about J but I think it always turns out sucessfull. So this is my first time really posting on here, don't really know what to say but mayhaps we could talk to more?


Slvkitten_Bruce 41M/33F

4/21/2006 4:17 pm

We didn't get to the liquid theory last night, as I pooped out a hair too my defense, I was up for quite some time and I've been having an exhausting week. We did get some bondage down and that turned out OK, if your girlfriend doesn't rip 'em out of the corners of the bed...
My experience with boxer/briefs was kinda the same thing as with trunks. I think I'm going to try "fashion briefs". Tighty Whitey's just scare me in completely new ways

Sircumalot540 43M  
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4/23/2006 8:08 pm

Regarding the briefs, you could do what I sometimes do (only when I go out clubbing at night) and go "commando" style. Hey, it makes for an interesting night if you're dancing with an attractive woman and she notices that head on my shoulders is not the only thing that's awake. Tighty whiteys...those dissapeared in my early youth...they just had to go. Otherwise, if you play sports and need something to hold you in place more than what boxers will do, go with bikini briefs. They are NOT thongs so don't let that scare you. lol Hey, it's enough to hold you in place and still get that somewhat "free" feeling.

I am curious about something...that liquid theory you're talking about. What is it?

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