When all is said and done  

SlowManDen 63M
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6/21/2006 9:43 pm

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6/23/2006 9:03 am

When all is said and done

When its over and the sun is gone down.
What will you be left with in the shadows of your soul?
What light is there that still shines on through the darkness?
What voice will you hear in the silence of the night?
What dreams may come only to fade into memory as the hours languish on?

Yet, still another day the sun rises despite our calls for it not to come.
The faintest whisper that was once there is no more.
The day goes on.
The sun sets and moon rises.
The stars come out once again.
Yet we see so little of it all.

Will there still yet be that remote and sandy beach to walk on in the soft, warm breeze that comes from off the shore?
Emerald Crystal waters aglow in the night calmly and serenely reflecting the light from above.
Wading in, feeling the life surround me as I become one with life itself.
Faintly echos of distant light resound to the universal song.
Hear the breeze softly whisper as I feel its caresses upon my skin. Through my hair I feel the gentlest touch of invisible fingers while in my ear I hear the softest whisper.
Faint lights aglow in space and water. Glittering echos of each other.

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