A Pet Will Help You Learn About Your Personality..  

SlowManDen 63M
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9/9/2006 6:40 pm

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12/26/2006 10:53 am

A Pet Will Help You Learn About Your Personality..

I've been reading some articles about relationships. The information I seem to be picking up is that there aren't that many who stay in relationships for very long.
Until I read this, I was thinking I was the only one having a problem with finding, establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship. I've honestly began wondering what the hell am I doing wrong. For that matter, I still do think about things because I don't want to repeat mistakes of the past.
Not only have I learned from my mistakes, but also reading about how relationships work has given me some pretty good insights.

I know this may seem an odd thing to suggest, but here goes.
1. I recommend spending a few years uninvolved with anyone.
2. Get a kitten or puppy that you have to take care of and make a commitment to care for them for the rest of their lives. I'd recommend a kitten and raising it as a house pet. Make sure it is spayed/neutered and declawed.
3. Watch how as your pet grows that they sometimes reflect your personality. You may be suprised and you may also be shocked.
4. Monitor your interactions with your pet in all the details. You'll be surprised what you learn about yourself this way if you only pay attention.
5. Believe it or not, you will learn more about yourself this way than with another person. Then when you have learned what you need to know, it will be time to find someone for a relationship.

I have actually learned alot about myself through my cat ever since I got him when he was only a kitten and Smokey has been with me about 12 years since 1994.
Through this time, I have seen myself and noticed there were things I had to work on.
How many have had a pet for the duration of its life? As for me, I will keep my cat until he passes away. When that time comes, I will never have another pet. So I am trying to absorb everything I can learn about myself this way.

SingleWarrior 53M

9/9/2006 7:14 pm

Interesting advice. I'm gonna link it on my blog

As for number 2, I have an ex GF I should have declawed and spayed

pretty_blue_eyes 39F
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9/9/2006 7:28 pm

Does that mean if my cat likes to butt their head into my leg that I do? My cat is rather different, he likes lots of attention. Jumps up on the bed and makes me pet him. Pisses me off, b/c usually I'm asleep.

nikki_im4u 54F

9/9/2006 8:04 pm

That is very interesting,,and a Great post.

Thanks for sharing .



____Phantom____ 47M

9/9/2006 9:52 pm

I have had pets. I had a goldfish for three years and I was almost in tears when it died (I call it “it” because tell this day I don’t know if it was a male or female). When it died I ceremoniously buried it in my backyard. Its death was a very tragic event for me. You see? He (or she, who knows) had a 20-gallon water tank all to itself. One day I came back home from work and looked for him in the tank and he was gone. What had happened to him? I wondered. Where did he disappear to? I wondered. Then I opened up the led to the tank filter there he was…He had died and gotten sucked up the filter pipe. It was all too much for me to handle. It was then that I promised myself never ever to own a goldfish again.

curiousinlorain7 60F

9/10/2006 5:17 am

well is four years enough to be 'uninvolved' ? I miss having a pet.. my ex has my dog and I would love to have her back... I've looked for places that allow dogs/pets of anytype.. and they are all just so far out of my price range. I love being around animals.. I talk to them and treat them like a kid..well maybe like a grandkid I spoil them way more then i spoiled my kids nice post thanks.. and thanks to warrior for sending me over

Ana_6973 44F

9/10/2006 2:19 pm

That means I'm as much of an attention whore as my kitty is.

Very interesting post!

~~"I can scream as loud as your last one, but I can't claim innocence."~~

rm_4it921 62M
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9/11/2006 7:15 am

Dont get me on my two dogs, I can bore for Ireland about them. Their happy go lucky wee things which sort of sums me up too.

So yes you can learn a lot about yourself in the way pets repond.Nice one.

Take care.

rm_iwannatellu 46F
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9/11/2006 12:18 pm

Very cool post.

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