tough times  

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1/15/2006 1:35 pm

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tough times

I thought I would at least touch base here and keep you up to date. My girlfriend just lost a cousin to the bad weather that came through Alabama last week. Her cousin was more like a sister to her, so she's having a hell of a time dealing with it. Unfortunately, I'm unable to be at her side, but I'm calling and sending email as much as I can. She seems to be feeling better today after going to church. I told her she needs to go to the funeral to get some closure, but she is afraid to face it all. She's had a rough life and death is not something she takes well anymore. I think I have steered her the right way over the last few days using what I have learned in medical school with regards to counseling and psychiatry. Her family is not always supportive, so she really leans on me a lot.

Her aunt arranged for her to have a personal trainer to help take her mind off of things. It's funny how just last week we were talking about how she could prevent getting varicose veins like her mother and now she has a personal trainer for a few weeks.

I can't wait for her to get back in February. I have my huge 7 hour exam on the 31st of this month and after that, I may have a few shelf exams for some core rotations I need to take, but I think we will finally have some good free time to use.

I was thinking about putting up a new main picture on the profile here soon. Maybe I will post it here first and see what you think. I was thinking something more risqué, but with a tame side to it.

See you again soon!

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