You can tell they've been burned  

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1/29/2006 9:59 pm

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You can tell they've been burned

I'm talking about the profiles where the member has obviously been burned by love in the past. If you haven't been a victim of love, maybe you're just lucky (or not so lucky if you consider the lessons you learn). Anyway, I'm sure most of us know the feeling.

Now, with regards to finding someone after feeling so betrayed, let down, you name it, how should you go about it?

If you are looking for love around here, you want to make yourself look appealing. You wanna make the sale. Right?

(This is starting to sound vaguely familiar. I think I have blogged about this once before long ago.)

Do you come across as a bit harsh?
Do you make it all light and fluffy?

It makes more sense to me to highlight the good things about you while showing some humility by briefly mentioning the bad or post up a quick disclaimer warning the undesirables.

I come across so many profiles that show what they have been through just by coming across bitchy and even some who admit to it and plainly state they don't care.

Is this your dream date or what?

If this blog entry doesn't serve to make you recheck your profile, it's at least going to make me take a look at my own.

Good night folks!

The BIG exam is on Tuesday. Tomorrow is my last day to stiffen up those soft spots. Then it's on to 350 questions of hell lasting from around 9am to 3 to 4pm surviving on water, snickers, red bull, and hopefully some lunch in there somewhere.

Oh yeah baby, it's time to panic!
Naah, I'm pretty calm, but we'll see if I get any sleep later on.

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