Week end is over  

SlimGoodGuy 39M
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7/30/2006 8:41 am
Week end is over

I guess for me, Friday night and Saturday qualify as the week end and Sunday turns into a do nothing day that goes by faster and faster as I get older. I've got loads of studying to do. One of the roommates left today to go get ready for his USMLE. Another roommate is staying around and has his exam on Friday. I'm not sure when the 3rd guy has scheduled his. Mine isn't until September.

We took the guy who is leaving out to eat at Hooters last night. We had a few drinks and came back to the apartment. I had some Soco and Coke and did some practice questions before heading out the door again to see Clerks 2. This movie is hilarious, but it had a lot of slow moments where you had to simply follow the story. If you go to see it, I have one spoiler point that has to be made because I don't want people to wonder about it until the end and be wrong. One of 'em has a fiancé. You'll get the feeling that she *could* be a man. They don't go that route, so don't let that feeling haunt you during the movie.

The prep course is beating us all down like a bloodthirsty barbarian. I have a ton of information to get through today just to catch up. I've seen it all before, so absorbing it all should take less effort than it used to.

Yesterday was all about sexual frustration after talking to the girlfriend over the phone the last few days. The tension gets to be too much. We both are in need of a release, but we are not the types that go around sleeping with other people. She's much better at mastering restraint than I am. Perhaps it's because I'm a guy and my radar is in overdrive. She's my beacon of light that keeps me on course. I may get moments of brief distraction, but I always come back to center on her. Besides, I'm not exactly a hottie, so there's not much coaxing going on from members of the opposite sex around me.

So I woke up today and came on here really quick hoping to find something to entertain my brain. I checked up on a couple blogs I replied on to see if anyone had taken issue with anything I said. Of course, there's an overt expression of simplistic thoughts on the internet and I did have one lady who has a cut and dry take on mental illness and childrearing. The bigger picture hasn't hit her yet (as most cases seem to be), because the overall outcome of such a suggestion would reach beyond the group of people she thinks are harmful. I can't lift off her blinders, so what are you gonna do, right? I closed that tab and went onto the main blog page again. The first two listings had over 100 views, so I wondered what the hell was going on. The first was by CurvyMeli and reminded me of life in England. She had gone to Wigan, which is very near to where I spent my year abroad doing clinical rotations. I kept reading and found this member's blog to be well spoken and fun to read. You don't see much of that online. It's well worth the visit, so it gets my 4/5 stars blog rating for today.

Now I have to find a member photo of the day...

Okay, this one seems nice. You don't see many like it amongst god awful fat cunt shots. Is it a fake? I'm not sure. It doesn't have the usual identifying markers. Anyone else like the window shot?


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