LDR might be taking its toll  

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5/27/2006 12:31 pm

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LDR might be taking its toll

The LDR situation might be taking its toll on me and my girlfriend. She took something the wrong way and decided not to call or answer the phone so as to give me some space. I'm just trying to balance call time with other things going on plus keep the phone bill down. There will come a time when I will be doing my rotations again and I simply won't be able to talk whether that be because I'm working or because I'm dead tired. All I'm trying to do is get her ready for those days by talking every other day instead of a couple times every day. It will be harder for both of us if we are accustomed to hearing from each other every day. She thought I was trying to prepare her for the big split. I can't blame her though. Her past relationships have been with guys I wouldn't trust with anything.

I can't get riled up about this though. I just have to let it go. If I make it an issue, the classic break up from a LDR is more likely. The trick is not to let it get to you. I've seen enough of it through college and med school out of the country that I know what to watch out for. I can keep a clear head. It's easy for me. It's just not that easy for her.

Phone call made
Fire put out
Life is good

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