How well do you match?  

SlimGoodGuy 39M
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5/7/2006 8:37 pm
How well do you match?

How well do you match other members?

There are two places I know of where a comparison is put into a percentage (if you know another, let me in on it).

The one I noticed which lead me to write this entry has to do with similar blogs. You know when you view your own blog and on the right column there is a stretch called "People who like this blog, also like." One of them on the list comes to 99 percent and the rest are around 93.

The second place that comes to mind is where you view a profile. AdultFriendFinder does some kind of calculation based on very basic characteristics you both list and comes up with a number. That's how well AdultFriendFinder thinks you two match. Then you have those little stars next to their name in the Browse/Cupid list/Search areas to tell you who comes close.


In blog land, does it mean I'm unoriginal if I come that close to someone else's blog? Should I try to find something more defining? Do I sound like other blogs you read? I usually put a lot of thought into the things I type up. I love making observations. I pay attention to lots of little things that most people wouldn't even turn their head for. Maybe that makes me boring. I don't get lots of views, but that could just be from poorly written titles, not the content in the actual blog.

As for profiles, I can't say much because as a Standard member, I cannot view them the same way paying members do. That number is not the best thing to go on, obviously, but it could serve to weed out some unlikely candidates. I never cared how many stars came up. I just read the profile and ran into some cool people.

Well, I'm done writing for now. I'm gonna sit around and just idle.

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